Late holiday getaway ideas

What will it be this time? An all inclusive break in the sun? An adventure holiday in South America? A cultural heritage trail in Asia? A chilled out break in a rural retreat? A family get together in a big city? Or maybe a late getaway? The list is endless and there is little more enjoyable than planning a holiday, except perhaps the holiday itself.

What Is a Late Getaway?

A late getaway is a great way to have an exciting holiday, as well as a cheap holiday. So long as you are not too bothered about where you are going, you can find some great last minute cottages or even last minute villa holidays.

It is incredibly exciting to go for a last minute deal, of course. You can literally not know where you are going to end up, as you will pick whatever is available. Of course, you do need to make sure you will also be able to actually get to the holiday destination. Booking a last minute villa holiday in Spain is great, but not if you then find out that there are no flights available to get you there.

Late availability cottages and other holidays are generally much cheaper than regular holidays. This is because a holiday home owner would rather rent out their holiday homes for a lower price, than not rent them out at all. Late availability generally occurs because a property simply hasn’t been booked, or because there has been a cancellation. Generally, any property that is booked on late availability has been booked no more than two weeks before the actual holiday.

Gaztelugatxe, Spain | Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


Filled with extraordinary beaches, vibrant festivities, breathtaking landscapes, and pulsating night life, this diverse country is home to the second-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Be it the thriving capital of Madrid, the fabulous coastal city of Barcelona, the mind-blowing beaches of the Canary Islands or the action-packed festivities of Pamplona, Spain will leave you spoilt for choice. Make your budget holidays more exciting and comfortable by staying at one of our finest holiday rentals in Spain.

Sultanahmet, Turkey | Photo by Fatih Yürür


Home to incredible landscapes, historical attractions, natural wonders, unique festivities and exotic cuisines, Turkey is one fabulous destination to spend your family holidays. Take a refreshing boat excursion to soak up the breathtaking scenery of the Bosphorus straits. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the exquisite landscapes of Cappadocia to discover the spectacular beauty of the region at sunrise. Visit the traditional shopping districts of Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. Explore all these and much more from our excellent holiday homes in Turkey.

Oia, Greece | Photo by Tom Grimbert


With more than sixty inhabited islands, thousands of years old historic sites, and plenty of impressively stunning beaches and lofty mountain ranges, Greece is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. The world-famous magical colours of Myrtos beach, the ancient sanctuary and oracle of Apollo, the picturesque tiny streets and intense nightlife of Cycladic town and amazing monasteries atop the rock pillars in Meteora are some of the must-see attractions in Greece. You can get special offers even for your late availability holidays at our charming holiday accommodations in the country.

Nice, France | Photo by John Jason


Fine wines and cheese, stunning chateaus and splendid countryside, France attracts millions and millions of tourists every year. Whether you like to visit the world-famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Louvre Museum, soak up the awe-inspiring views of the Alps from the exotic Chamonix Valley, or enjoy an action-packed trip in the river canyon of Verdon Gorge, we offer cheap cottage holidays in this sophisticated country. Located in some of the prettiest settings, our holiday rentals in France await to create unforgettable moments in your beach holidays.

Porto, Portugal | Photo by roya ann miller


Portugal, a land with a rich history of seafaring and discovery, is now one of the most visited countries in Europe. Thanks to its superb climate, affordable travel expenses, striking golden-sand beaches, fabulous cuisines and buzzing nightlife, the country is an awesome choice for cheap summer holidays. Some of the not to miss places in Portugal are the historical buildings of Lisbon, the marvellous canals and bridges of Aveiro, and the gorgeous beaches of the Algarve, amongst others.

Dubrovnik, Croatia | Photo by June Liu


Popular for its medieval cities, historic ruins, cobblestone streets, breathtaking waterfalls, lovely beaches and diverse wildlife, Croatia is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. Enjoy the lively nightlife venues, scenic vineyards and medieval ruins of Hvar. Explore the mind-blowing architecture, exceptional historical sites and beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik. Discover one of the most captivating coastlines of Europe in Mljet. A cheap holiday in Croatia will simply be incomplete without staying at our cosy holiday apartments or cottages in some of the prime locations in the country.

The main benefit of booking last minute cottage holidays or last minute villa holidays is of course, the price. Other benefits include:

  • The excitement of not knowing where you are going
  • The ability to potentially go further away, because the price is so much lower
  • Potentially not being able to find a holiday that is suitable at all
  • Possibly having to settle for lower quality
  • You can’t pre-pack your bags or buy holiday clothes in advance as you may not be sure of where you are going and hence the weather can be on either side of the spectrum

If you are looking for late availability cottages and villas, you do need to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Check out what the prices for the cottage or villa are on normal availability and make sure that you are actually receiving a discount. Also, it is important to find out why the cottage is still available. If you find that almost every week is still open, is this because it is a new addition to the list of cottages and villas and the customer database is still being built, or is there actually something wrong with the property? Do feel free to look for some reviews on the property and to contact the owners. One way to find out if a property is of good quality is by the level of communication you receive from the owners, who should always be helpful and should reply quickly to any of your queries.

Late availability properties come in all shapes and sizes, from small cottages sleeping just two, to an entire chateaux sleeping well over 20. If you can get a large group of people together that all agree to take part in the insecurity and the adventure of a last minute holiday, you could really find yourself a cheap deal.

There is really no best time for last minute getaways as they are available all year around. If you are looking for the ultimate in cheapness, finding last minute holidays in the low season will be your best bet. You are also more likely to find late availability in those periods of time. It is for good reason that peak season is called peak season: the majority of people want to go on holiday during that time. Hence, during peak season, you are more likely to find last minute villa holidays or cottage holidays because somebody has cancelled at the last minute. During low season, however, it is more likely that you will find a property that is simply still available.

Finding a last minute cottage or last minute villa holidays is not hard at all. Owners Direct have a whole range of properties available for you to choose from. Most cottages, holiday homes and villas on the website have prices included for specific periods and it is easy to contact the owners either via email or via their own website to check out whether they have any special last minute deals on their properties. Do take some time to visit the owner’s websites, as they will often provide you with more pictures of the property as well as previous visitors’ reviews.

It is clear that a last minute getaway can really be the ultimate adventure! You could end up anywhere in the world with only a week or two notice. Of course, do be careful that you are actually able to get to the location of your late availability cottages or holiday villas, which is particularly important if you will need flights to get to the destination. Other than that, just pack your bags and enjoy your holiday!

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