Adventure stag weekends

Some blokes are more into having a great adventure, than spending their entire stag do drinking to the point of oblivion! For some men, one last getaway with the guys means one last real adventure; one they can remember for a lifetime. Of course, it would be a bit naïve to believe the whole stag weekend will be spent rock climbing, surfing, riding rollercoasters at amusement parks or horse riding, but these are all wonderful ideas whilst on your stag weekend. There is such a thing as having your cake and eating it too; the ultimate stag party will deliver just that opportunity.

Awesome destinations for adventurous stag parties

The only thing to choose now is where you plan to host your best mate’s stag do! You could choose from thousands of locations but we have compiled a list of places we think will offer your whole group a variety of activities to fill the days and nights. After all, we know that you will want to stay somewhere that offers a good mix of nightlife, with opportunities for adventure during the day; with that in mind, the following places made our top picks.

Adventure Stag weekends in Sofia, Bulgaria


Sofia is a great spot for an adventurous stag do as there is so much to do there. If your weekend will be held during the winter, there are excellent skiing and other snow sport opportunities to be enjoyed. During the warmer months those who fancy trekking and hiking will enjoy Rila Mountain, which is quite close to Sofia. Rope climbing and rock climbing are available at Kokolandia for those who enjoy rappelling sports. However, if you think adventure must include some karting then you will want to take your group and head over the Kransa Polyana district for the ride of your life. You can still have your nights out drinking and dancing: this is one stag do that most men will relish for years to come.

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Adventure Stag weekends in Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is often overlooked when making plans for stag dos, and we can't seem to figure out why. Not only is Dublin an ideal place to enjoy a pint - it's the home of Guinness, after all - but it also has a lot of adventure for those wishing to get out and do things. For one thing, horse racing in Dublin is quite popular and most men, even those who’ve never been to the races, will enjoy this. There's also the opportunity to enjoy go-karting, golf, paintball and a dozen other activities that can be found in and around Dublin. When it comes to stag weekends, groups of blokes will find Dublin appealing to say the least!

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Adventure Stag weekends in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

If you fancy a stag weekend that is filled with exhilarating activities during the day, yet exotic things at night, Budapest could be the hidden gem you are after. Now, one thing we must mention is that nothing in Budapest is going to burn a gaping hole in your pocket, which is a definite plus for those looking for a thriftier weekend with no less excitement. You can see belly dancers; drink to your heart’s content at night and during the day hit the Pilis Mountains for some climbing and hiking. Do not forget about Margaret Island if you enjoy cycling and jogging. Horse riding is popular all over Hungary too, and you will find this to be the case in Budapest as well. If you are there during the summer, you may enjoy giving water skiing or rowing a try too.

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Adventure Stag weekends in Edinburgh, Scotland


Fuel up on tatties and neeps, fasten up those sporrans and listen up for the sound of bagpipes coming from the distance. If you have come for adventure, you are sure to find it with aerial assault courses, abseiling and indoor climbing, all available at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. There are literally dozens of climbing and rappelling activities you can participate in there. The whole arena is structured around natural rock, offering hours of rock climbing fun. Even for those afraid of heights this is an experience and definitely a rush you will not want to miss!

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Adventure Stag weekends in Bude, England

Bude, England

If you aren’t looking to leave England for your stag weekend, Bude is a cool stop that offers a lot in the way of surfing. In fact, there are several surfing schools there to take groups out and show them a good time in the water. If your best mate loves the water and you are throwing him a stag weekend, you cannot go wrong with Bude. You may get so good at surfing during your time in Bude that you plan your next holiday somewhere like Hawaii or Southern California! If you’ve never been surfing get ready for some serious fun and excitement; there is nothing quite like riding out a wave in this small town.

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