Self Catering Halal Holidays

Halal tourism is continuously gaining popularity among the holiday sector. Islam is not just a religion but rather a way of living, and as a Muslim you wouldn't want to give that up while on holiday, for the sake of relaxation. Apart from Middle Eastern countries that are innately halal-friendly and are always popular holiday destinations for Muslims, a few European countries such as Bosnia and UK have started capitalising on the halal holidays niche. Halal hotels and restaurants are only a few of the facilities the below Muslim - friendly countries offer.

  • Halal Holidays in Malaysia

    Malaysia is a country that combines Islamic tradition and modernity in a unique way. It was the Malaysian Government that defined the ‘halal standards’ for food, products and services so it’s no wonder it tops in the international rankings for the most popular halal holiday destinations. For Muslim visitors around the world, Malaysia is often not just a holiday destination but also a country that reflects the ideal Islamic lifestyle, by integrating its long cultural and historical tradition into today’s contemporary society.
  • Halal Holidays in Turkey

    Halal holidays have been booming ever since the country started to aim at attracting inbound tourism from the Gulf countries, rather than just Western ones. It is one of the very few places in the world that Muslims can enjoy beach holidays without having to worry about their privacy. Places like Antalya or Marmaris offer Muslims a huge range of halal hotels and resorts to choose from. Turkish hospitality industry is where luxury meets Islamic lifestyle. Halal tourism is becoming increasingly popular not just with foreign visitors but also domestic tourists.  
  • Halal Holidays in Bosnia

    Bosnia’s cultural and historical heritage is a manifestation of the marriage between the East and the West. Oddly enough, it is a European country where both the Islamic and Christian elements are inherited and none is imposing itself on one another. They co-exist in absolute harmony. Maybe this is the reason why a European country developed halal hospitality sector so rapidly. Bosnia is a destination that offers thousands of Muslim visitors around the world, a feeling of belongingness, despite the common perception of Islam as a ‘foreign’ culture to the European continent.
  • Halal Holidays in UAE

    Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the main metropolitan centres of United Arab Emirates are two of the top destinations for international inbound travellers, not just for leisure but also business. UAE is often characterised as the most luxurious halal holiday destination among EMEA. Indeed, it's extremely popular with Muslim tourists, particularly with Turkish as well as former USSR countries such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Either you want to experience la dolce vita in one of the hundreds resorts and hotels in Dubai, or experience a bit of culture in Abu Dhabi, UAE will never let down the more affluent Muslim travellers.
  • Halal Holidays in Morocco

    Either you want to wander around the mystical souks and Mosques of Marrakesh, or you're up for a more cosmopolitan holiday experience, Morocco is the destination for you. Charged with the romance and mystery of old Islamic tradition, Morocco offers Muslim travellers an unforgettable experience. Discover the country's ancient history reflected on its contemporary Islamic culture. Morocco is a country full of contrasts and that's what makes it more charming than any other halal destination.