New Year City Breaks

What are your favourite memories of New Year? (And if your answer is “What memories?”, you’ve been making the most of New Year it would appear.) To many people, New Year is the amusing, teaway cousin of Christmas: while the latter involves familial obligations and social niceties, New Year is all about you and your friends. If you could spend New Year in any world city, where would you go - and who would you take with you?

Celebrate New Year in a new city

With over 300,000 holiday rentals in Europe alone, you certainly won’t be short of options when it comes to planning your end of year holiday. Check into a HomeAway apartment in the city of your dreams and make this New Year one to remember - if you possibly can.

New Year city breaks in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a special place all year round, but at New Year the party spirit is tangible. Thousands take to Dam Square to see in the bells, before celebrating in traditional Dutch style with a bottle of champagne. On New Year’s Day, when you’re finally ready to face the world, prepare for a surprise: overnight the canals and waterways have turned to red. The cause? Nothing more sinister than the firecrackers that are liberally detonated to mark the New Year.

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New Year city breaks in New York

New York

New York and New Year are synonymous. The Big Apple doesn’t do things by halves and the city’s tourists wouldn’t have it any other way. To grab a prime spot at the Times Square Official NYE Party – dubbed The Greatest Night on Earth – you’ll need to book tickets in advance. If the bright lights and flashing camera phones of America’s most famous plaza aren’t your scene, there are plenty of other NYC options. Go clubbing in Pier 36 or 1 OAK where the tunes keep pumping and the people dancing till 4am.

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New Year city breaks in Madrid


While the Dutch arm themselves with champagne at New Year, the Spanish prefer grapes - 12 of them to be precise. Don’t let this tradition fool you however; in Madrid, they party just as hard as any other European city. Eat the grapes in time with the striking of the clock to ensure a year of prosperity and good luck, as legend would have it. Afterwards, bottles are raised, toasts are drunk, and the streets fill with revellers. From dusk till dawn, Madrid knows how to welcome in another year.

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New Year city breaks in Bruges


Bruges was portrayed as beautiful yet sedate in the film starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. The film was half right: Bruges is beautiful - but not as quiet as you’d think. Not at New Year anyway. This will be thanks in no small part to the ghluwein (warmed herbal wine) that is liberally doled out. The town square is turned into an ice rink at this time of year; best advice is to skate first, drink later. With its trappist ales and fine beers, Bruges is sure to please.

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New Year city breaks in Copenhagen


Like all major cities, Copenhagen has its focal point where the locals gather to see in the New Year. At midnight, people meet at Amalienborg, outside the Royal Palace, to see the Royal Guard Parade and exchange greetings. Denmark’s famous Tivoli, which feels like an enchanted garden, is open at New Year and hosts a breathtaking fireworks display. The Danes love fireworks and after a weekend in Copenhagen, you’ll understand why. A beautiful city full of beautiful people.

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