Unforgettable Sailing Holidays in the UK

Life, or even a few hours, on the open seas is an unbelievably relaxing yet invigorating experience. The perfect solitude, sense of absolute freedom and constantly changing scenery combines to ensure that you are never bored, even when simply sunbathing on deck, with the sound of the sea in your ears and that irreplaceable taste of sea air in your lungs. Whether you have already sailed the seven seas or whether you are looking to learn on a sailing holiday, there are almost limitless choices. We are very lucky here in Britain, as holidays sailing in the UK are absolutely fantastic, and although we might not have the climate of the Mediterranean, our coastline is one of the most beautiful and varied in Europe, with countless attractions, endless beaches and a great range of top class sailing schools throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland’s coastal regions. Sailing holidays in the UK are especially good for those learning, as you can easily take a family sailing day or a course of lessons before heading abroad for a sailing holiday on your own.

  • Lake District Sailing Holidays

    The beautiful Lake District is a magnificent place to enjoy family sailing days out or to take sailing lessons in the safety of lake conditions before heading out into the open waters of the sea. Windsurfing, canoeing and boating also thrive.

  • Cornwall Sailing Holidays

    Cornwall is one of the best destinations for holidays sailing in the UK. The many sheltered bays and inlets provide an enormous number of safe mooring spots, and the coastline is a veritable playground for water sports.

  • Cowes Sailing Holidays

    Cowes is one of the most famous destinations for sailing in the UK. The World famous Cowes Week attracts sailors from around the world, and the rich sailing traditions continue throughout the year.

  • Sailing Lessons in Devon

    Sailing and windsurfing holidays in Devon are hugely popular. The relative shelter of the channel means that although conditions are testing, they are still manageable for those taking their first sailing lessons in Devon.

  • Sailing in Northern Ireland

    The rugged coastline of Northern Ireland is beautiful from any angle, but from the sea, its beauty is simply unrivalled. The Mountains of Mourne, Giant’s Causeway and hundreds of secluded fishing villages will enchant anyone sailing by.

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