Top 10 off beaten tracks

10. Brazil

Brazil is in South America and a great alternative to the more standard Uruguay or Venezuela. There is so much cultural history in Brazil that you could spend months there discovering it. Of course, the climate is also pleasant and its natural beauty is fantastic.

9. Tanzania

Many people will have heard of Tanzania but still choose to holiday in Kenya instead. Tanzania has exactly the same to offer, but generally at a much lower price as tourism has not so much taken off yet. Furthermore, you will be far more able to taste some true African cultures, not as much tainted yet by the steady influx of tourists each year

8. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has both a coastal region with wonderful temperatures to enjoy a summer holiday and a northern mountainous region where you could go skiing in winter – something for everybody to enjoy.

7. Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is a cluster of islands off the African coasts. Its main islands, Boa Vista Island, Sal Island and Sao Vincente Island are like little paradises on earth. With a very low amount of tourism, you will find you will not be harassed as much by merchants and can really enjoy an unspoilt area of Africa.

6. Iceland

A very unusual holiday destination is Iceland. This small volcanic island is often overlooked by people as having little of interest, but it is truly an amazing place to go, particularly if you have an interest in nature.

5. Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go, particularly if you are a marine life enthusiast. Certainly not to be missed!

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful alternative to the more popular destinations like Thailand. The group of islands of Indonesia will offer you beautiful culture and most of all beautiful food!

3. Romania

Romania has so much to offer that you could spend all your holidays there for the rest of your life and still not have seen it all. From beaches to mountains, Romania has it all.

2. United Arab Emirates

A lot of advertising has been done lately to promote the United Arab Emirates, and it truly is an amazing holiday destination. Of course, be prepared to deal with some tremendously hot temperatures!

1. Oman

Visit Oman for a holiday and you will be enjoying beautiful and lush green hills and slopes as well as some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Oman is most certainly the number 1 off the beaten track holiday.