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Thailand is a country of delectable cuisines, tropical climates, and breathtaking beaches. It's a land of paradisiacal landscapes, fascinating customs, and often bewildering diversity. There are so many things that draw tourists to Thailand: some come to meditate, and relax in unparalleled peace, whilst others sample nightlife and party at year-round festivals. Amidst white sands and luscious rain-forests, cheap holidays to Thailand are magical. Whatever your reasons for visiting this beautiful place, renting villas in Thailand allow you to make the most of your holiday. Not only do you benefit from the comfort and luxury of a private home, but you can (if you want to) live the true Thai lifestyle, sample real Thai culture, and take life at your own pace ,whatever that may be. We have hundreds of properties throughout Thailand's regions, spanning the mountains of the north, sands of the south, islands of the east and historic sites of the centre; we even have a few properties in the unspoilt

  • Phuket

    It's long been a favourite destination with British tourists, and cheap holidays to Phuket continue to grow in popularity. An island paradise in every send of the phrase, its outstanding beaches lie along the coast of the Andaman Sea, connected to South Thailand's Phang Nga by two bridges. Most of our properties are located along Phuket's white, sandy beaches: from Bangtao to Rawai, you'll find exclusive rentals, sparkling waters and spectacular clarity for snorkelling. But we also have properties in Phuket city, where you'll find a vibrant town amidst luscious mangroves and mountains.

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  • Koh Phangan

    Possibly Thailand's most famous island destination, cheap holidays to Koh Phangan promise an unforgettable break. Although its location off the Central Gulf Coast boasts coconut trees and white, sandy beaches, the island's probably best known for its full moon parties at Haad Rin. Of course, there's a lot more Koh Phangan than beach bars and evening entertainment - there's so much to see and do during the day. If you're not snorkelling in Ko Ma or hiking around Than Sadet National Park, you can take a trip to the elephant park, relax in a herbal sauna, or see spectacular waterfalls at Phaeng.

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  • Koh Samui

    As one of Thailand's best beachside destinations, cheap holidays to Koh Samui are all about the pure, white sands. Located in the Gulf of Thailand some 50 miles from the southern coastline, it boasts luscious rain-forests, coconut cultivation, and magnificent waterfalls at Na Muang. Along with around 80 other islands, Koh Samui also forms part of the Ang Thong National Marine Park, widely regarded as one of the world's best snorkelling sites. Head to the coral beds of Laem Set and Thong Takhian to see tropical fish and turtles, or stay on land and visit the Bengal tiger sanctuary in town..

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  • Bangkok

    Bangkok is located in Central Thailand, surrounded by luscious, green lowlands and boasting a number of ancient historical sites. Although its surrounding landscapes are undoubtedly picturesque, cheap holidays to Bangkok are all about its buzzing, vibrant atmosphere. Home to 11 million people, Bangkok is both Thailand's capital and largest city, and by far its most exciting and colourful. From its somewhat risqué nightlife to its intricately decorated palaces - not forgetting bustling markets that must be seen to be believed - a trip to Bangkok is a true feast for the senses.

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  • Hua Hin

    If you're rather avoid throngs of tourists, high-rise buildings or bustling nightlife, there's nothing better than cheap holidays to Hua Hin. A picturesque town nestled along the Northern Gulf Coast in Central Thailand, it's a legally protected and unspoilt area, brimming with National Parks. It's one of the most popular spots with Thai holidaymakers themselves, and boasts excellent golf courses, luxurious spas and eco-cruises. You'll find dozens of natural landmarks here, from stalactite-filled caves to scuttling crabs in mangrove swamps. For lovers of nature, there's surely nowhere better..

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  • Things to do in Thailand

    If you do just two things in Thailand, have a traditional massage, and then scuba dive along the coast. If you have more time, ride a tuk-tuk into town for an exhilarating experience, before haggling for silks at a night-time bazaar. Take Thai boxing or meditation classes (two quite different ways to relax!), and try different Thai foods at every possible opportunity - delicious, diverse and surprisingly cheap, you'll find fantastic street food everywhere. Why not try 'suki'? Buy a bowl of your chosen stock, purchase ingredients separately, and brew your own fresh soup at the table.

    There are hundreds of historical and cultural attractions in Thailand, with many found in Bangkok. Its Grand Palace is usually found at the top of 'must-see' lists, as is the Wat Phra Kaew, the central and most important Buddhist temple in the country. Many people hike in rain-forests when staying in Northern Thailand, as you can visit hill-tribes such as the Mien or Lisu with the help of a guide. Searching for wildlife is another must - you'll find gibbons, elephants and macaques in Khao Yai National Park, as well as spectacular, tumbling waterfalls at Kanchanaburi.

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