Group holidays in Greece

Greece makes a perfect destination for a fun and adventurous group trip, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic natural beauty. Diverse landscapes, an appealing climate, ancient architecture, and modern cities combine to make this Mediterranean marvel one of the most appreciated travel hot spots in the world. In fact, for the past century Greece has consistently ranked within the top 20 most visited countries, with more than 15 million tourists per year. Despite its recent economic struggles, the nation is still home to some of the most appealing nightlife. The world-famous club scene in Athens plays host to a cultural melting pot of partiers every night, and continues until the sun comes up. When you go on holiday with your friends and/or family, you want there to be plenty of group activities you can participate in. Fortunately, Greece offers hobbyists a picturesque playground in which to enjoy sailing, hiking/biking, photography, windsurfing, exploration, and bustling city life. It is estimated that there are up to 6,000 Greek islands, of which only 227 are inhabited, and only 78 of those have more than 100 inhabitants. Greek isle tours have become so popular that harbours are full of rental boats ready to take tourists on the island-hopping experience of a lifetime. By booking the appropriate accommodations in Greece you can ensure that your group will have enough time and money to get the most out of the trip, and maybe stop by some of the attractions listed below.

  • Group holidays in Lefkada

    The exotic island of Lefkada is a commonly overlooked gem, considering its cliff-side beaches and breath-taking oceanic views. On the west coast of the island, the famed beach of Porto Katsiki majestically faces the surreal cyan waters of the Ionian Sea. It has been voted the “Top European Beach of the Year” on numerous occasions, and on many evenings it is the site of the most beautiful sunsets the world has to offer. There are also several ferries that provide entertaining transportation to the nearby cities of Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Vasiliki.


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  • Group holidays in Mykonos

    Mykonos has a very rich history that spans thousands of years. In Greek mythology, it is described as the site of the epic battle between Zeus and the Titans. Whilst you’re there check out the unique sea-side architecture at the Paraportiani, or visit the famous Mykonos windmills that were constructed in the 16th century. Little Venice is another interesting area where the buildings have balconies that hang directly over the water. Be sure to get a good history lesson at the extensive archaeological museum, which houses ancient jewellery, ceramics, sculptures, and other relics found on Mykonos and the surrounding islands of Renia and Delos.


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  • Group holidays in Santorini

    Santorini is a crescent-shaped island that was formed in the aftermath of a massive volcanic explosion that left a caldera in the sea. The coast on the inner edge of the island is lined with cliffs that drop almost 1000 feet into the sea. The capital of Thira is known for having some of the best cliff-top oceanic views in existence, and is home to a variety of 5-star restaurants, boutiques, and bars. One of the most intriguing attractions is the Akrotiri archaeological site – a fully excavated Bronze Age settlement that was buried, yet ironically preserved, by one of the cataclysmic Theran eruptions that helped form Santorini.


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  • Group holidays in Chania

    The brilliant city of Chania is divided into two sections – the “old” town and the relatively new modern city. You can learn a lot about the area and its history by visiting one of the many museums, including the Nautical Museum of Crete, the Folklore Museum, and Byzantine Collection. Nature lovers will enjoy the Botanical Park of Crete and the Old Venetian Harbour, whilst adventure seekers may want to head over to Limnoupolis Water Park for a wild and wet time.


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  • Group holidays in Athens

    Athens is perhaps the highlight of all of Greece, with ancient ruins and modern night clubs that are sure to impress anyone. The Acropolis and The Parthenon are two stops that you cannot afford to miss when visiting Greece. Another ancient wonder to see is the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. Once the sun goes down prepare to have fun in the Plaka and Thissio areas, where you’ll find long strips of boutiques and bars. Day or night, there is no shortage of good food, beautiful people, and amazing scenery in Athens.


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