Bungy jumping holidays

Have you plunged from staggering heights before, or is this one challenge you've set yourself amongst a long list of adrenaline-fuelled goals? Perhaps this is a purely spontaneous desire, completely isolated from your daily life and detached from any kind of holiday idea you've had before! Whether you consider bungy jumping a sport, a devilish pursuit, or a one-off impulse, HomeAway have compiled a list of destinations for you to fulfill your spine-tingling goal. The destinations we've chosen are not for the acrophobic traveller. In fact, the locations below are as daunting as they are breath-taking. However, you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere when you retire to HomeAway accomodation. Recreate the cosiness of your home in a snug cottage, or tailor your search for a smart, postmodern studio flat. What better way to celebrate your first jump than with a homemade cocktail in your plush villa in Italy? Or, you may want to toast your tenth jump with a New Zealand Lager on the veranda in the Southern Hemisphere? With our list of ideal locations, you can achieve that goal you set yourself last year, or twenty years ago!

  • Bungy jumping holidays in Queenstown, New Zealand.

    Queenstown is a haven for extreme sports fans and boasts an impressive amount of bungy jumping locations. The Nevis, set above the river of the same name, is the highest of its kind on the continent. With electrifying views, it’s worth visiting the spot, whether you decide to take the leap of faith or admire the landscape with your feet firmly on the ground! If you do decide to take the plunge, you’ll be dropping from 134m! Other notable jumps include The Kawarau Bridge, famous for the bungy extraordinaire AJ Hackett’s 1988 jump. Hackett was a pioneering figure in bungy jumping, helping to propel the pursuit into any thrill-seeker's itinerary. In addition, consider the spectacular Ledge Bungy site, and practice your best scream!

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  • Bungy jumping holidays in Peloponnese Peninsula, Greece.

    If you've already fallen for Greece's charm, why not experience a unique jump off the Corinth Canal Bridge, separating the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf? If you need convincing, the friendly locals will spur you on, or companies such as Zulu Bungy pride themselves on being a supportive network of experienced crew, ready to assist you as you take the plunge. The canal is a perfect location to have a cool drink over the stunning stretch of water, whether you need to calm your nerves, or celebrate your first jump! Continue your adventures and explore the gorgeous landscape of the Peloponnese peninsula.

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  • Bungy jumping holidays in Ticino, Switzerland

    Ticino, the southern canton of Switzerland is a beautiful region offering holidaymakers culture and art, as well as high-adrenaline sports. Enjoy the calm ambience in a Ticino coffee shop, or soak up the diverse culture in a gallery or museum exhibition, followed by a plunge from the highest dam in Europe, Verzasca Valley. At 220m high, the spot is the legendary location for James Bond’s GoldenEye jump, and you will be invited to re-enact the scene – except you won’t be offered a stunt double! The surrounding scenery and Romanesque architecture of nearby Lavertezzo is well-worth a visit for a ramble or a relaxing walk after the bungy. Venture further and visit Ticino’s two World Heritage Sites, the Monte San Giorgio and the Castles of Bellinzona.

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  • Bungy jumping holidays in Idaho, US

    Our penultimate destination is the  ‘Gem State’ of Idaho. It might not be the first location you’d consider when planning a visit to the US, with the Golden State and the Big Apple dominating the itinerary. However, thrill-seekers know just how versatile this state is when it comes to high-adrenaline adventures. The capital, Boise, is home to the Highway 21 bridge, with a 100ft fall, and the ‘Hansen’ bridge located in Eden, at a staggering 400 ft. The landlocked state has great travel connections, and there is potential to travel out of state to neighbouring Oregon and Utah to bungy.

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  • Bungy jumping holidays in Colorado, US

    Our final destination idea is Colorado, home to colourful mountain ranges and glassy rivers. With its dazzling scenery and investment in high-adrenaline sports, Colorado has an enviable number of bungy jumping sites. Notable sites include the Glenwood Canyon, so confident in its appeal that it’s named its pride and joy the straightforward ‘Bungee Jump’. If the 70ft fall from the tower is too daunting, you may want to ride the Giant Canyon Swing. Essentially a bungy swing, the ride launches you into the air a jaw-dropping 1,300 feet over the canyon floor, and at a speed of 50 mph, it’s enough to induce vertigo at the very thought!

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