Student holidays

As a student myself, I know how hard it can be to enjoy a holiday on a budget: after living on tins of beans for months, that break away can seem pretty far flung. But while it may seem impossible to cover the costs of accommodation, you’d be surprised at how cheaply you can enjoy that much-needed break. Ridiculously cheap flights can be found from various airlines, especially when you’re flexible with dates. Yes, you might fancy a summer in Spain, but so does everyone else, which raises the cost considerably! Instead, go with the flow and keep your eyes peeled for windows of travel opportunity. You can fly to a range of European cities, including Paris, Prague, Oslo and Budapest, for as little as £15 when you book at the right time. Once you’ve got your flights covered, accommodation’s all that’s needed. HomeAway has a range of suitable and centrally-located European properties, and the more of you travelling, the cheaper the break will be. Get together and plan as a group, and you’ll be amazed at how little you’ll have to cough up. Besides, you deserve a rest: whether it’s your first time away, or you’ve finally got that first-class honours, students deserve holidays too!

  • Student holidays in the United Kingdom

    With a number of cheap means of getting to and from destinations in the UK, students shouldn’t overlook the fantastic sites we have here at home. If you’re from Scotland, head to Northern Ireland; if you’re studying in England, hop over to Wales! You could get your mates together for a short weekend in Glasgow, Cardiff or Manchester, or rent a rural cottage in the countryside and head off for an outdoors adventure. After all, it’s about spending time with your friends - and away from University - so you don’t need to splash your cash.


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  • Student holidays in Germany

    If you’re intent on going abroad for your holiday, then Germany’s a pretty great choice. It’s inexpensive to travel to, and holds a whole host of exciting festivals and events. When it comes to sightseeing, there are the cultural highlights of Munich and Berlin to consider, as well as the - oh, who are we kidding? Germany’s known for its beer! Grab your friends and head for Hamburg: its uber-hip nightlife - replete with clubs, galleries and pubs boasting early-morning closing times - is unbeatable. Feeling fragile? Bag a bratwurst.


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  • Student holidays in Poland

    When it comes to student holidays in Poland, you have an exhaustive list of destinations to choose from, whether it’s Wroclaw, Poznan, Rzeszow, Zakopane, Krakow or Gdansk! The one thing each of these places has in common, however, is a reputation for offering a warm welcome and hospitality. Public transport is cheap, the local cuisine reasonably priced, and pubs are a great place to meet travellers and locals alike. If you spend just one day sightseeing, make sure to visit Auschwitz: it may be saddening, but it’s unmissable.


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  • Student holidays in France

    France is the natural choice when you don’t want to stray far from home. Many simply opt for Paris as their destination of choice, but as the capital of the country, it can prove a little pricey. If you simply have to do Paris, stick to free activities; visit the graves of Jim Morrisson and Oscar Wilde in Pere Lachaise Cemetery! If not, why not plan a group break in Normandy or Brittany? Offering blissful beaches, rolling countryside and plenty of delicious local produce - think cider and cheese! - they’re great choices for cash-strapped students.


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  • Student holidays in Spain

    Whether you want to spend your days lazing on beaches, sightseeing in cities or exploring magnificent landscapes, Spain’s a haven for student holidays. It’s home to world-famous party spots like Ibiza and Marbella, but also some of Europe’s finest cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Of course, heading for the coast will save you some cash (excluding the price of entry at Pacha nightclub!), as not only is it free to swim and sunbathe, but in many cases sightsee: from Roman ruins to hilltop monasteries, there’ll be plenty to explore.

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