Skydiving Holidays

What’s your idea of the perfect holiday – sprawled horizontal on a sun lounger or plummeting earthwards at 120mph? As it so happens, you don’t have to choose between the two. Book a skydiving holiday and you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Marvel at the unspoiled landscape as you parachute gently towards earth before taking a day to explore the region at your leisure. If you live to skydive and skydive to live, you’ll want to spend as much of your holiday as possible in freefall. But where exactly? While there’s nothing wrong with leaping out of a plane at your local airfield, wouldn’t it be nice to spread your wings and look further afield? For the skydiving connoisseur, a bespoke holiday package is the obvious solution. With HomeAway Holiday Rentals, you’ll find a selection of worldwide properties that are located in areas of exceptional natural beauty. What’s more, they’re just a hop, skip and stomach-churning leap away from some of the best skydiving spots on earth. Excited? You should be. Check out our selection of skydiving holidays and prepare to get giddy. It’s time to take to the skies.

  • Skydiving holidays in the Algarve

    With over 7,000 properties to choose from, it would be fair to say that we’ve got the Algarve covered when it comes to holiday rentals. With copious amounts of sunshine, sandy bays and warm waters, the Algarve is a slice of picture postcard perfect Portugal. All alliterations aside however, there’s another reason why you may want to holiday here: on account of the Alvor aerodrome which lies between the Algarve coastline and the Monchique mountains. This is your jump zone, an expanse of sky reserved for you and your chute. As the pair of you fall to earth, be sure to take in the spectacular views of Cape St. Vincent and mainland Spain. With its clear skies, warm climate and spectacular scenery, the Algarve was made for skydiving.

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  • Skydiving holidays in the Swiss Alps

    Nestled between France, Italy and Germany lies the alpine country of Switzerland. Its credentials as a skiing and snowboarding destination are impeccable, but how does it fare from a skydiver’s perspective? Terrifyingly well is the short answer. Take a helicopter trip over the Alps and marvel at the vivid blue and green waters of Lake Thun and Brienz. Don’t get too comfortable however because in a moment you’ll be leaving the relative comforts of the chopper behind and preparing to leap out at 14,000 feet en route to your landing spot in Interlaken. Before terra firma looms into view, you’ll have time to take in the peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. Forget winter sports – Switzerland is all about skydiving.

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  • Skydiving holidays in Le Marche, Italy

    Between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains lies the Italian region of Le Marche. Book into a holiday villa for a week and enjoy all the cycling, climbing and skiing your body can handle. Relax by exploring the charming market towns that are awash with Renaissance architecture and fine art. Then, when you’re ready for another adrenaline rush, head to the sleepy seaside town of Porto san Giorgio. Just outside, you’ll find Le Marche Skydiving Centre which promises all the rush of regular skydiving, but with added beauty on account of the Adriatic Sea, sandy shores and lush, verdant plains.

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  • Skydiving holidays in New Zealand

    In terms of sheer natural beauty, New Zealand is in a league of its own. Volcanic mountains, dense forests and rocky outcrops flanked by blue seas and sandy lagoons. The landscape of New Zealand is markedly different from that which typifies Europe’s top skydiving spots. And how about the skydiving? Take a headlong trip towards the plains of Central Otago from 12,00 feet. Gaze in wonder at the snow-tipped peaks and lakes that sparkle like glittering jewels. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a volcanic view to accompany your descent, head to Rotorua where the terrain is rocky and the skydiving spectacular. If New Zealand looks great on the ground, it’s even better from the air.



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  • Skydiving holidays in Las Vegas

    When you envisage Las Vegas, it’s probably the shimmering lights of the strip that spring to mind. After all, Vegas is essentially one big lightbulb plugged into the middle of the desert. As it turns out, that incongruous neon expanse looks pretty spectacular from the air. As you fly out to the drop zone, you’ll enjoy envious views of Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon and of course the Las Vegas Strip. When the time comes to exit the plane, you’ll find yourself more focused on the landscape below as it rushes towards you at 120mph. 45 seconds later, you’ll be parachuting gently down to earth. You could go to Vegas and lose all your money in the slots or you could invest it in a skydive. What would you rather do?

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