Extreme Mountain Biking Holidays

Anywhere there is beautiful countryside, dramatic mountain landscapes or dense forests, the tracks of mountain bike tyres are never far away. Taking the slow route into the countryside is the finest way to explore the country, taking you to spots not usually found by visitors, and allowing an unrivalled combination of relaxation, activity and adrenaline fuelled adventure. There really is no better way to explore than with a mountain biking holiday. Family mountain biking holidays are a wonderful option, and there is no need to hurtle down scree slopes on a mountain biking trip! Mountain biking trails lead you far into areas completely inaccessible by car and simply too far from home to walk. After a long day of mountain biking, a cramped hotel room simply cannot supply the freedom needed to completely relax, the flexibility needed to complete the mountain biking trails you came to conquer or even the space needed for your dirty mountain biking gear.

  • Mountain Biking Holidays in Wales

    Wales offers fantastic mountain biking holidays, from the forests of Afan to epic downhill mountain biking trips in the mountains. Close to home and with fearsome technical courses, Welsh mountain biking holidays are a real treat.

  • Mountain Biking in Whistler

    Whistler is the best extreme mountain biking holiday destination in the world. The Blackcomb park is host to many mountain biking training camps, festivals and events, and serious mountain bikers must tackle Whistler at least once.

  • Mountain Biking Holidays in Scotland

    Scotland is fast becoming a top downhill mountain biking destination. The landscape could have been designed with mountain biking in mind, perfect for both scenic family mountain biking holidays and serious mountain biking training.

  • Mountain Biking Holidays in Spain

    Every type of terrain for mountain biking is easily found in Spain. Mountain biking holidays in Northern Spain are particularly popular, with large mountains, great singletrack and solid ground underneath your wheels.

  • Alpine Mountain Biking in France

    France is home to the best mountain biking trails in Europe, with both Alpine mountain biking trails and trails in the Pyrenees. Stunning scenery, fantastic trails and chic night spots; what more could you ask for on a mountain biking trip?

  • Holiday Homes Perfect for Mountain Biking Holidays