Villas for Weddings in Portugal

For people who live in the UK, Portugal is very easy to access. This makes it a prime destination for those wanting to get out of their own area for special occasions like weddings. It is not at all unrealistic to take an entire wedding party along to Portugal to enjoy some tranquillity, partying, sunshine or whatever it is you find most appealing about a holiday there. If you’ve never been there then you’ll want to do a bit of homework as to the best place to go. Much of this is going to depend on the crowd of people going, the age group, whether or not there will be children along and many other factors. Portugal has a lot to offer in terms of wedding villas and quiet getaways, but it also has more than enough fun spots for people looking for a bit more of a party atmosphere. The weather is usually always gorgeous in Portugal, making it a wonderful choice for an outside wedding, such as a beach wedding or even one in a beautiful garden. Before booking your wedding plans, look at some of the places Portugal has to offer.

  • Wedding villas for rent in Carvoeiro

    Nestled between some of the most beautiful examples of Portugal’s crystalline turquoise waters and limestone cliffs, it is no wonder this paradise town has become one of the most popular destinations in the Algarve. Whilst the beach offers all of your modern amenities, it has also somehow managed to preserve its splendour and beauty. There are colourful boats that are used for taking holiday makers on tours or simply for fishing on one end of the beach whilst families soak up the sun and spend their time enjoying the warm weather in luxurious and pristine beach conditions. If a wedding villa in a beach town that offers a lot of relaxation and scenery is what you are seeking, Carvoeiro might be the perfect place for you.

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  • Wedding villas for rent in Lagos

    Lagos, located in the western portion of Algarve is enjoyed by people of all ages. There are a number of historical sites to see that date back as far as two centuries BC! At this time it was called Lacobriga but over the years the name evolved. Lagos has always had connections to seafaring, visited originally by Carthaginians and Phoenicians. Sometimes during the 15th century a good deal of wealth was brought to the town as a result of Henry the Navigator and the voyages of discoveries. Lagos has some of the most stunning views and this is one of the main attractions here. If you are standing in front of the lighthouse, Ponte da Piedade you will be able to see a spectacular view of the all-encompassing sands of the Lagos Bay with the Monchique hills in the background. In fact, here you can see as far as Albufeira to the east and Sagres to the west. Lagos is a breathtaking place to hire a wedding villa and even hold the ceremony.

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  • Wedding villas for rent in t he Algarve

    The Algarve is a popular spot for holiday makers, hundreds of thousands of them every year, from all over the world. With this lovely city in Portugal comes the promise of sunny beaches and perfect weather. This is an ideal place for couples travelling alone or for entire families. In addition, those who are interested in golf while on holiday find this to be the perfect place. Many times the ladies and children spend their time at the beach whilst the men golf all day. Not only does the Algarve have a beautiful golden coastline bur it also has some of the most scenic countryside in Portugal. There is no shortage of historical attractions and lovely gardens. There are activities such as walking through nature to see thousands of species of fauna and flora. This place is excellent for people who want to come away with incredible photos. 

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  • Wedding villas for rent in Santa Barbara de Nexe

    Santa Barbara de Nexe is literally the least visited place in Portugal by holiday makers. On one hand this might not seem like a good thing as it sounds rather boring. However, if peace and tranquillity is your goal then Santa Barbara is the perfect spot. Because it is not that far from other surrounding areas, it is easy to get to other towns by car. This means you are likely to have the best of both worlds, quiet and serene living space in a private villa with the option of venturing off to other cities like Vilamoura for some nightlife atmosphere and of course drinks for the whole wedding party!

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  • Wedding villas for rent in Albufeira

    Albufeira is more a place for people taking kids along with them on their wedding holiday as there are so many entertaining things to do. Of course this doesn’t mean adults only cannot enjoy a trip to Aqualand water parks or the Zoomarine but primarily these are ideal for children. In addition there is a lot to do in the city in Portugal in the way of outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling or even sightseeing by hired jeep. The beach is always an option for lazy sun bathing or you might take your group and set out on a tour of the many galleries and museums. Renting a wedding villa in Albufeira is very convenient as there isn’t far to go to have some fun during your stay.

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