Train Holidays in Europe

Europe's luxury high speed rail network means that the stress of flying is no longer a necessary evil when going on holiday. Every corner of Europe is accessible in a matter of hours from the UK, and as long distance train travel gets more luxurious and simple, the options for train holidays continue to flourish. So why not take the slow route, taking in the scenery you would otherwise bypass, and enjoy not endure travelling on your dream holiday? With train holidays, the journey actually becomes part of the joy of your break, not a final hurdle that you must overcome before you can relax, stress free in the destination of your dreams. Those with a fear of flying, a desire to see the countryside or simply those that have had enough of long check ins and lost luggage finally have another viable option for exploring Europe; train travel. Train holidays are also a particularly good option for those environmentally friendly holidays, allowing you to enjoy your break with a completely clear ecological conscience. We recommend Rail Europe for the best value train tickets, and the most convenient journeys.

  • Holidays by train in France

    The Channel Tunnel has meant that train holidays to France have soared in popularity. From the elegant capital to the chic beach resorts of the south coast, the TGV has made the whole country wonderfully accessible by train.

  • Holidays by Train in Spain

    You can enjoy a wonderful Spanish holiday without setting foot on a plane. You can be happily stretched out on the beach or enjoying the vibrant festivals within a day of leaving home, having seen much of France and Spain en route.

  • Holidays by train in Belgium

    Brussels is just 3 hours from London by train, meaning that you can be settling into your Belgian holiday home faster than if you decided to endure the hassle of flying. Weekend breaks to Belgium on the train are particularly popular.

  • Train Accessible Scottish holidays

    The stunning scenery, fishing rivers and famous golf courses of Scotland are within really easy reach, and with such a vast range of train accessible Scottish holidays on offer, there is sure to be something to delight all visitors.

  • Train Holidays in Europe

    In fact, the whole of Europe is accessible by train from the UK. London's Eurostar link to Paris means that you can holiday anywhere in Western Europe, from Brussels to Bonn, Amsterdam to Zurich without having to drive, fly or sail.

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