Agritourism in Spain

Agritourism, agritourismo, farm stay or rural tourism as it is often called in Spain; whatever you choose to call it, it means getting away from it all and staying in a rural area. Agritourism gives you a chance to get acquainted with the process and life on a farm or in a small village; you can even get involved with the agricultural processes yourself. Spain has become increasingly popular as an agritourism destination over the last 10 years due to its low cost nature. This popularity hasn't just come from outside tourists but from the Spanish themselves who want to reconnect with this rural side to the country. Spain is still largely a rural country and its vast countryside is a wonder for anyone who wishes to experience an agrarian life. Its popularity for agritourism comes in part from the produce on offer. Whilst Spain is famous for its large scale farms supplying the dinner tables of Europe there are still many small holdings producing things from olive oil and orange juice to vineyards of robust red wines. There are many 'casa rural' or farm houses to choose from and all offer a great insight into life in the country.

  • Agritourism holidays in Valencia

    Famous for its eponymous sweet orange brought over from India, Valencia offers a wide range of options for rural tourism; traditional and captivating villages can be found along the Costa Blanca, including Valencia Terra iMar and Castellon. The town of Alcublas is famous for its dry crops including almond groves and vineyards. You can follow many tours and routes through this well-developed and tourist-friendly region which will take you to different producers and give you the chance to experience farm life for yourself.

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  • Agritourism holidays in Andalucia

    Andalucía is one of Spain's cheaper regions to visit for agritourism. Here you can see some of the colour which makes Spain, Spain! See flamenco, macho and corrida in the whitewashed villages which adorn the mountainous landscapes. Andalucía is a landscape of impressive contrasts from mountains and deserts to beaches and salt flats. Southern Spain is famous for producing many crops on its large scale farms, and taking a tour is a good way to see modern agriculture at work and contrast with more traditional activities such as fishing.

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  • Agritourism holidays in Catalonia

    Catalonia offers countless options for rural tourism. It is an area where authenticity and friendliness are the most outstanding of the natural features. Experience rural tourism in the heart of a village or an isolated existence in rural areas by staying in the beautiful farmhouses. Catalonia has a thriving organic farming community where you can really get back to nature. Catalonia also produces excellent beef, anchovies and rice and seeing any of these in production is a real treat not to be missed. 

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  • Agritourism holidays in Galicia

    This region sits in the lush, green northwestern corner of Spain and faces both the Atlantic and Mar Cantabrico. The region is still largely based upon fishing, agriculture and farming and unlike some of the southern regions experiences four distinct seasons. Its temperate climate has given it the name 'green Spain'. Galicia is world-renowned for its shellfish and crustaceans, so make sure to see the fishing fleets. Galicia has a flavour of its own and is an autonomous region within the country.

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  • Agritourism holidays in the Canary Islands

    Whilst we will often think of mainland Spain as a destination for agricultural tourism, the Canary Islands don't always spring to mind. Agritourism is, however, one of the best ways to get to know these islands. Explore the fertile, rural village of Valle de Agaete where you will have excellent views of Gran Canaria. In the foot hills of the island's mountains there are tropical fruit farms to visit. If you travel at the right time of year you can assist with the harvesting of fruits such as bananas. The islands are also home to small fishing boats and again it is a nice way to see the food which will end up on your plate in one of the wonderful restaurants.

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  • Agritourisms in Spain

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