Mountain Holidays

Far from the noisy crowds of tourist hotspots, and the hustle and bustle of city life, a mountain holiday provides an unrivalled opportunity for both serenity and, if you choose, adrenaline-fuelled activity. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an adventure weekend or a family holiday, your perfect chalet, cabin or cottage is hiding somewhere in amongst the idyllic mountains and sparkling lakes, just waiting to be discovered. Holidays in the mountains offer many ways to keep you happily occupied for the whole of your break, no matter what your activity level. Outdoor adventures come in endless variety: mountain climbing, paragliding, hang gliding, horseback riding, hill walking, white water rafting, mountain biking - even just plain old picnicking! - are all perfectly suited to the sun-kissed slopes of mountain resorts around the world. To search for mountain holiday homes specifically, just filter your property search by selecting "Mountains" from our "Themes" option.

  • Mountain holidays in South Africa

    The mountains which run through South Africa, sprawling from the Western Cape to the Drakensburg Range, are some of the most dramatic in the world. They're home to much magnificent wildlife found nowhere else in the world, and brimming with outdoor activity locations. In your downtime, refuel with some local rooibos tea – caffeine free and naturally imbued with a slightly sweet, vanilla-tinged flavour, it grows nowhere else in the world.

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  • Mountain holidays in the Lake District

    The Lake District – famous as the inspiration for the father of Romanticism, Wordsworth – is perhaps the most beautiful rural area of England, with mountains, hills (or fells – we won't argue about local names!) and lakes providing the perfect backdrop for walking and mountain biking holidays. And due to its location, taking a Lake District holiday couldn’t be easier: just think of the money you'll save on travel!

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  • Mountain holidays in Switzerland

    The Swiss Alps are best known for their skiing holidays, yet in summer, the Alpine meadows and snow-capped peaks become the destination for a vast array of adventure sports and outdoor activities, especially in Bernese Oberland. But you could be forgiven for coming for the views alone – dabble in photography? This is the ideal spot for you.

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  • Mountain holidays in British Columbia

    The scenery of British Columbia is simply breathtaking, and includes many of the highest peaks in Canada. There is maybe nowhere in the world with such high quality of natural resources for adventure travel, including fishing, walking, climbing, mountain biking and wildlife watching. You can't immerse yourself in North America's pristine Pacific Northwest without being changed by the experience.

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  • Mountain holidays in France

    From the Rhone-Alps region in the Alps to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of the Pyrenees, France has some of the most traditional and picturesque yet modern mountain resorts in Europe, offering a whole host of outdoor activities suitable for holidaymakers of every activity level. And the food? It's worth travelling for alone.

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