Group holidays in Italy

Italy’s one of the world’s best destinations for group holidays, and it’s not hard to understand why. The cultures found across the country’s coasts, cities and countryside might be diverse, but they have one thing in common: for Italians, fun’s best had around family and friends, whether cooking, relaxing or enjoying new activities. That’s why Italy’s the natural choice for large groups: not only will you find plenty of things to do and see together, but a wealth of private accommodation perfectly suited to communal living.

Top five destinations for group holidays in Italy

With a large kitchen, beautiful terrace and plenty of bedrooms, you’ll have a fantastic group holiday in one of our Italian villas. And with some airlines offering group discounts and the costs of accommodation shared between you, you’ll even save money in the process. So why wait? Read on for a rundown of our favourite group destinations in Italy, and start planning your break today.

Liguria group holidays


Although one of Italy’s smallest regions, Liguria certainly packs a punch: running along the coast from La Spezia to France, it’s an area of pretty fishing villages, dramatic cliffs, deserted pebble beaches and lush, green forests. For groups seeking a great spot for outdoor activities, whether hiking, cycling or something a little more extreme, Liguria’s the natural choice. Head to the city of Genoa if you fancy frequenting museums, galleries and landmarks: you can even enjoy a day trip to France or Monaco if you wish! Alternatively, enjoy a break in Portofino if you want a well-deserved rest along the the coast - it’s spectacularly picturesque.

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Puglia group holidays


Puglia, also known as Apulia, is the heel in Italy’s boot, and famed for its amazing architecture. Known as the “Florence of the South”, Lecce’s a magnificent spot for group holidays, with its pink sandstone buildings looming high over pretty courtyards. Of course, if you’d rather escape the city in favour of more rural charms, rent a large villa near the Gargano National Park: here, you can enjoy long hikes and cycles, and visit the beautiful islands of Tremiti. Another option for groups is renting property in the heart of the trulli district: with a group of you living in these strange, conical stone houses, you’re sure to have a taste of true Puglian life!

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Lombardy group holidays


From the south to the north, and the magnificent region of Lombardy. A diverse and spectacular area, it’s home to Alpine scenery and large, sparkling lakes, as well as the fashion centre of Milan! Each of the region’s twelve provinces has something truly different to offer: you’ll find intricate palaces decorated with frescoes in the likes of Mantova, and some of the world’s leading designer brands in the chic streets of Milan. Of course, for those seeking natural landmarks and plenty of outdoor activities, a villa around Lake Como or Lake Maggiore is a better choice: a beautiful area of pristine forests, it’s worthwhile renting a boat.

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Calabria group holidays


It’s a little known secret that Calabria’s the gem in Italy’s crown: largely untouched and rather remote compared to other regions, it forms the toe in the boot-shaped country. Here, you can enjoy an authenticity unlike anywhere else, and really get to grips with the culture, whether that involves chatting with the locals over some traditional cuisine, or exploring ancient Calabrian ruins. If the former appeals, make sure to try the Tartufo, the local ice cream! Of course, along the coast you’ve also got the option of both Tyrrhenian and Ionian beaches, so you can always spend a day simply lazing on the sand as a group.

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Umbria group holidays


When you want rolling, green hills and vast areas of quaint farmland, Umbria’s a fantastic choice for group holidays in Italy. There are dozens of pretty hilltop towns where you can learn all about the area’s history, from the famous home of St Francis, Assisi, to the capital of the region, Perugia. You could enjoy a group hike or cycle around the lush valleys around Mt Vettore, or watch a play at the amphitheatre at Gubbio. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Umbria’s known for events and festivals: from medieval-themed weekends to those celebrating local food, it’s worth seeing what’s happening before you book your group break away!

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