Gastronomic holidays

Gastronomy is no longer exclusively a pursuit of the elite. You only have to look at the increasing popularity of cooking shows on television - MasterChef, Junior MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off, to name a few - to realise that the general public is more conscious than ever of the delights of good food. Gastronomic tourism is booming as a result, with more and more people visiting local markets, farms and vineyards to gain insight into the origins of their favourite dish, whilst allowing the chance to fully indulge in the finest produce and wines on the market, directly from the source.

Culinary tourism provides visitors with both an authentic culinary education and a far greater understanding, appreciation and connection to a destination. If you are a huge fan of a particular culinary delight, from champagne to Parma ham, exploring the region of origin is the finest way to attain magnificent recipes and a fascinating insight into the history, production and ideal preparation of the dish. Wherever your tastebuds take you, be sure to check out HomeAway’s selection of holiday lettings in the area: but first take a look at our favourite destinations to get your palate tingling.

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