Exotic holiday destinations

'Exotic' is, granted, a rather loaded word. But let's operationally define 'exotic holiday' here as, 'the ultimate luxury holiday experience.' Imagine: white sandy beaches, clear turquoise seas, and picture postcard scenery, all backed by glorious weather and brimming with vibrant local culture. Escaping to such a far off destination for a few weeks of mind/body/soul peace is the perfect way to recharge. Most such destinations offer plenty of water activities like scuba diving and snorkelling and sailing; while on land, the chances of golf are generally good, and hiking through beautiful scenery always an option. Or, you know, you could just spend your whole holiday soaking in the sun. We won't judge. Whatever you decide to do, there's no better way to maximize your enjoyment than with a self-catered holiday villa. Scan our website for great deals in your locale of choice - and if you need help choosing a locale, read on for HomeAway's introductory guide to exotic holiday destinations!

  • Exotic holidays in Mexico

    The Mexican coastline is variously lined with secluded beaches, crystalline waters, Mayan ruins, and lush forests – each scene more picturesque than the last. Pass your days sunbathing, sipping the best margaritas on earth, and, most definitely, sampling an extensive national cuisine renowned for the brightness of its flavours and freshness of its ingredients.

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  • Exotic holidays in Thailand

    Thailand is an exotic holiday destination of indescribable beauty. The warm climate, warmer welcome, and astounding natural environment, combined with a rich culture make Thailand a perfect destination for an exotic holiday. Bangkok will suit those who crave excitement, though there are endless smaller resorts along the coast for those seeking a more restful experience.

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  • Exotic holidays in Mauritius

    One of the few places in the world that can, without exaggeration, be called an 'island paradise', Mauritius is an idyllic holiday destination. There are ample recreational opportunities here: sportsfolk will enjoy the deep sea fishing – some of the best anywhere – but there are also numerous spas at which to laze away the days. And the beaches hardly need a mention; they are as inviting as you imagine.

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  • Exotic holidays in Barbados

    Barbados, home of both one of the oldest synagogues in the Americas and pop star Rihanna, is justifiably described as diverse; more so, perhaps, than many people think. A trip there will satisfy history buffs and sun worshippers both. There are beautiful beaches, of course, but also thriving urban areas with a vivacious night life and unique culture to explore.

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  • Exotic holidays in Brazil

    First thing's first: Brazil is huge. The biggest country on our exotic holiday list, Brazil offers so many different leisure and accommodation options that it can hardly be done justice in a paragraph. But this means that whatever your holiday desires, you'll find it in Brazil. Beaches, eco-tourism, spas, sport, sun, beautiful people and delicious food – your only regret will be that it was impossible to take advantage of everything on offer!

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