Tips for independent green holidays and responsible tourism

In recent years, many of us have become acutely aware of our personal environmental responsibilities, even when on holiday. The idea of sustainable tourism has developed from the adage "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs", leaving the local landscape, creatures and community unaffected by our presence. Having environmental principles can actually enhance our enjoyment and save us money, giving us both a fantastic break and a clear conscience! There are three main areas in which we can effectively reduce our impact and make our holidays green; travel, accommodation and our daily behaviour whilst on a green holiday. With regards to accommodation, it is clear that taking a private holiday home is much more energy efficient and sustainable than a hotel room, as you have control over lighting, air conditioning, washing, heating and food wastage for a start. There are some wonderful eco-friendly homes available, and there can be no arguing that living in a log cabin in the Norwegian Fjords it is easier to control your environmental impact than living in a hotel in Oslo for the same week, and I dare say more relaxing.

  • Green Holidays in Scotland

    Scotland is a fantastic place for sustainable tourism. With no flights required and excellent leisure options on foot, bike and horse, carbon emissions on Scottish holidays are negligible. You can also fish for your own dinner!
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  • Green Holidays in Nice

    You can be settling into a villa in the very south of France in under 10 hours of leaving London by using the Eurostar and the TGV service. The many fantastic destinations on the Cote d'Azur are your oyster, and all without flying.
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  • Green Holidays in Cornwall

    Cornwall is an excellent place to get 'back to nature'. With short distances to travel and some wonderful holiday cottages in wild, windswept coastal regions, sustainable tourism thrives in Cornwall, and is actively encouraged.
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  • Green Holidays in British Columbia

    Admittedly, the flight to British Columbia is a long one, but when you arrive you can have a sensational holiday without having an impact on the environment. Log cabins in the mountains void of electricity let you live carbon free.
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  • Green Holidays in Bruges

    Bruges is a fascinating city and one where it is easy to keep your environmental impact in check. Travelling by TGV and eating the fantastic local produce Belgium is famous for is not a hardship and helps in keeping 'green'.
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