Great destinations for a baby's first holiday

Although travelling with a baby on holiday can seem like an intimidating task, especially for first time parents, if you plan well and follow a few basic guidelines, your baby's first holiday abroad can be a wonderful, stress free experience. Within a month or two, new parents will be almost frantic for a holiday, and with a little preparation, travelling with a baby on holiday will be the easiest family holiday you will have for many years!

Top Five Destinations for Going on Holiday with a Baby

This is the last time for many years that your family holidays shall not be influenced by the constraints of school holidays, so why not travel slightly off peak, when prices are lower, crowds are dispersed and the midday heat is less intense for your new born to endure. When going on holiday with a baby, your own private space is absolutely priceless. The freedom and space provided by a private holiday rentals means that you can give your baby the attention and care you need, without limitation.

Travelling with a baby on holiday in France


France is a superb destination for taking a baby on holiday. The close proximity, luxurious gites and fantastic beaches are ideal, and young children are always warmly welcomed by locals. It is only restaurants that may not be wholly welcoming.

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Taking a baby on holiday in England


Taking a relaxing break in England is the easiest option for travelling with a baby on holiday, letting you relax without the worry of going abroad. Travel times are short, and your baby will not have to face much acclimatisation.

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Going on holiday with a baby to Spain


Iceland isn’t a country that stands out as a prime holiday destination at the best of times, let alone a couple’s haven. In truth, the capital city is one of Europe’s overlooked gems.

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Travelling with a baby on holiday in Greece


IBabies will be treated like kings in Greece, perfect if your young ones love attention! Although child care facilities are not provided everywhere, the importance of family in Greece means you can always find willing help if needed.

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Taking a baby on holiday in the USA


Although the trip to the USA is a long one, upon your arrival, you will not have to worry about a thing. The baby facilities across the USA are exceptional, in restaurants, activity centres and at all the major attractions.

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