Cheap Holiday Gites in France

If you are looking to escape to the French countryside and enjoy a truly relaxing holiday, taking a rural French gite really allows you to experience the best of France. Nowhere is it easier to sample the cuisine, countryside and culture of France than from a holiday rental gite. The freedom granted by taking a French gite for rent is unsurpassed, letting you organize your holiday around the attractions, activities and events that catch your imagination. Finding a French gite rental is easy with HomeAway Holiday-Rentals and our wide selection of French holiday gites in every French province. With the money saved by booking your French gite holiday through HomeAway Holiday-Rentals you can indulge that little bit more on local delicacies, fine wines and exploring the countryside in style!

  1. Cheap French Gites for Rent in Provence

    With the famous beaches of the Cote d'Azur, amazing ruins of Roman towns and some of the best countryside for walking, cycling and riding, a French holiday gite in Provence has it all and is blessed with an idyllic climate.

  2. Cheap French Holiday Gites in the Dordogne

    The Dordogne is known for three things; cuisine, caves and castles. One of the most celebrated gastronomic region of France, gites in the Dordogne are perfect for 'foodies' and anyone wanting to escape to rural France.

  3. Cheap French Holiday Gites in Brittany

    Fantastically easy to reach, French gites in Brittany are the ideal base for a range of holiday types. From sandy beaches to historic towns, thick forests to fishing rivers, French holiday gites in Brittany are your perfect base for exploring.

  4. Cheap French Holiday Gites in the Loire Valley

    Much of the Loire Valley has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage area due to its historic towns, castles and chateaux. The area is also a food and wine connoisseurs dream, and a rental gite allows you sample the best of it freely.

  5. Cheap French Holiday Gites in Normandy

    French holiday gites in Normandy are easy to reach from the UK. Normandy is a fascinating historic region of France, with well preserved medieval and Renaissance towns and many of the most poignant WWII monuments.


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