Cheap May half term holidays

As May rolls round again, it's time to figure out where you want to take the kids on holiday! While the economy's not at its strongest for anyone, we often feel the pressures of travelling to faraway lands for half term; look for more local destinations, however, and you'll realise that no matter where you live in the UK, there's always somewhere close where you can find budget accommodation. What's more, there's always somewhere close where you and the kids will have a lovely time!

Decide upon a nearby holiday spot for the whole family

The weather may usually play a role in where you choose to spend your holiday, but it's not always warm enough in May to enjoy beach breaks and swimming! This is why it's often a good decision to choose locations which allow you a huge range of choices; whether that's an abundance of family activities, or a wealth of fascinating attractions. Fortunately, the UK is full of fun and exciting places to visit, for adults as well as children!

Cheap May Half Term Holidays in Scarborough, England


If you have active kids who enjoy being scared out of their wits, then Terror Tower in Scarborough may be just the place for you! Taking its inspiration from some of the most horrifying films of all time, this haunted house combines animated scenes, live actors and plenty of special effects. For younger kids, of course, you may want to skip that for a venture over to Scarborough Donkey Rides, where your children will enjoy riding about on well-behaved, and cared for donkeys. If the weather is right, Bridlington Beach is the place to go.

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Cheap May Half Term Holidays in Liverpool, England


Liverpool is great for a range of reasons: the first is that it was home to the Beatles. Here, you can learn everything there is to know about the four young lads who put Liverpool on the map, and went on to become one of the best bands in the history of the world! Of course, there's also the Knowsley Safari Park which is quite inexpensive to visit, where children will enjoy seeing hundreds of animals, including zebras, lions, camels and tigers. Run around the monkey jungle or go to see the sea lion show: it's entertaining for the whole family!

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Cheap May Half Term Holidays in Dublin, Ireland


Do you love chocolate? Do your kids love chocolate? You're probably wondering what kind of ridiculous question this is: almost everyone loves chocolate! Well, Dublin is home to the Butler’s Chocolate Experience, a treat of an activity for both youngsters and adults. On the offchance that you'd rather learn about history, another wonderful thing to do in Dublin is go on a Viking Splash tour. Tour guides wearing full Viking costume will take you and your kids through the streets of Dublin, whilst narrating an educational history lesson on the city and its ancient past.

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Cheap May Half Term Holidays in Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh is a fun city for all ages and tastes, whether you have young children, teens or even University-aged kids. The city offers a bit of something for everyone: from Edinburgh Zoo, the biggest zoo in all of Scotland, which offers hours of fun and the opportunity to see over one thousand different animals, to Edinburgh castle, which towers above this historical city. The kids really like the Cadies and Witchery tours - and the adults enjoy them too! - but an absolute must is the Harry Potter tour, which takes in many of J.K.Rowling's haunts while she was writing her magnificent books!

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Cheap May Half Term Holidays in Cornwall, England


Cornwall is lovely if you're looking for a nice quiet place, spectacular seascapes and picturesque fishing villages. If you've had a busy year and want to stay somewhere where the kids can go off and explore, there's nowhere more ideal than Cornwall's sandy coves. Build sandcastles, eat fish and chips, rent a boat for the day or explore a local garden: on the offchance that tge kids get bored of all they've seen so far, run them up to the Crealy Adventure Park for a day of fun and thrilling rides and activities.

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