Explore Germany's finest from a German cottage

Germany is an enchanting country, steeped in history, rich in natural beauty and filled with culture. German holidays are exactly what you make of them, whether a culture filled city break, sun soaked beach holiday or relaxing break in a rural German cottage surrounded by stunning Alpine scenery, appeals to you. The stunning German castles that adorn the landscapes will inspire, and beer lovers will be in their own personal heaven. There is always something going on to enjoy from houses to rent in Germany. Throughout the year there are a huge range of wonderful festivals celebrating the very best of German life, the most famous of which, the Oktoberfest in Munich is a wonderful homage of Germany's most famous product: German beer. German music is celebrated at every opportunity, with a great range of classical and operatic events being held, especially in the capital, Berlin.

  • German Holidays in Bavaria

    Bavaria is quintessentially German. The stunning alpine scenery, blissfully traditional lifestyle and charming half timbered German cottages of Bavaria make it an absolute joy to visit. The walking in Bavaria is phenomenal.

  • German Holidays in Berlin

    Berlin is a beautiful city, bursting with history and culture. Throughout the city there are stunning reminders of the past, from the extravagant Alexanderplatz to the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the poignant remnants of the Berlin Wall.
  • German Holidays in Mecklenburg

    The 'land of a thousand lakes' is a naturally stunning region, sparsely populated and with some of the finest natural outdoor sporting locations in the whole of Germany. Wildlife is abundant and the air is beautifully fresh.

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  • German Holidays in Baden-Wurttemberg

    The rural landscape of Baden-Wurttemberg attracts visitors from around the world to its cosy German cottages. With a great range of festivals throughout the year and excellent cuisine, this is a perfect place to submerge yourself in German life.
  • German Holidays in the Baltic Islands

    The wide sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and unspoilt villages of the German Baltic Islands combine to make it one of the most romantic getaways in Europe. There are a great range of charming German houses to rent, perfect for a relaxing escape.
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