Tours of the battlefields of the Normandy Landings

On the 6th June 1944, the largest invasion force in history landed on the beaches of Normandy with the onset of Operation Overlord. Although the Normandy Invasions were the turning point of the Second World War, they came at a phenomenal cost. The return to Normandy is an amazing pilgrimage for those who survived the Normandy Landings. And for anyone who lost friends or relatives, Normandy is a phenomenally poignant destination. Touring the battlefields of Normandy and the Normandy beaches is an incredibly moving experience. Those with personal experience of the D-Day landings will already know which of the Normandy beaches and the British cemeteries you will wish to concentrate on, meaning that an independent trip is far more appropriate and suitable than an impersonal coach tour of the battlefields of Normandy. There are some fantastic personal tour guides in Normandy if you would like a knowledgeable guide, and these are easily arranged from a holiday cottage in Normandy.

  • Normandy holiday cottages in Calvados

    The Calvados region was right at the very heart of the D-Day Landings in Normandy. Four of the Normandy beaches are located in Calvados, as well as the Battles of Normandy Museum in Bayeaux.
  • Normandy holiday cottages in Manche

    The American landing site at Utah Beach is on the coast of the Manche region of Normandy. A holiday rental in Manche is excellent for full tours along the coast, visiting all the beaches, cemeteries and monuments of D-Day.
  • Normandy accommodation in Seine-Maritime

    The beautiful coastal region of Seine-Maritime lies just to the east of Sword Beach. A Normandy holiday cottage is close enough for easy visits to any of the beaches along the coast, and perfect for relaxation in the evenings.
  • Normandy homes to rent in Eure

    Once the invading forces held the beaches, the battle to extend the bridgehead along the River Eure became the next objective. There are also a huge number of rural attractions in Eure, including the gardens of Claude Monet.
  • Normandy homes to rent in Orne

    The Orne region of Normandy is set just behind the all important Normandy beaches, and is one of the most naturally beautiful regions of Normandy. Orne also boasts some of the finest cuisine in Northern France.

    The coastal route from the British and Canadian landing beaches of Sword, Juno and Gold is interspersed with the stirring British cemeteries, famous for the poignant rows of white crosses, and it is only a short distance to the American beaches of Omaha and Utah. If you are planning an independent tour of the Battlefields of the Normandy Landings, the Battles of Normandy Museum in Bayeux is a fantastic starting point, as the museum is beautifully organised and is filled with impartial information and points of interest. No matter which route you take along the Normandy beaches, there is a haunting air of remembrance, gratitude and respect for the bravery and sacrifice seen on the Normandy beaches.

    Remembrance Day, the 11th November, sees a wide range of services and events around the cemeteries and battlefields of Normandy, increasing the poignancy to even higher levels, but you can visit the many monuments and relics from the 2nd World War battlefields at any time of year. In taking private Normandy accommodation for your return to Normandy, you and your family can enjoy the finest restaurants, best shopping and visit the most beautiful parts of Normandy as well as remembering the events completely at your own pace and in your own way.
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