Corsica holidays: the best of Mediterranean France

The French island of Corsica is a beautiful, wild island in the Mediterranean, famed for its phenomenal walking holidays. In Corsica, the culture is completely unique. The finest aspects of French life have made it across the short stretch of Mediterranean, especially the fine wines, but on the whole, the laid-back, active culture of Corsica has remained. So, whether you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing cultural break or a special walking holiday in Corsica, there are a great range of Corsica villas to choose from.

Top 5 Corsica holidays

Corsica has the largest density of national parks in Europe, with no less than 17 protected areas to explore. It is therefore little wonder that Corsica walking holidays are so highly regarded, and after along day out in the sun, there is nothing finer than settling down to a chilled bottle of wine watching the sun set from your very own Corsica villa. If you are planning your first Corsica walking holiday, taking one of the many guided walks is a fantastic idea, as it provides invaluable insights into the history, natural history and culture of this remarkable island.

Corsica holidays in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is one of the most famous places to take a holiday villa in Corsica. The resort is a beautiful coastal town, known for it’s sophistication. There are powder soft sands, excellent sailing facilities and top class restaurants to enjoy.

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Corsica holidays in Ajaccio


If you are looking for timeless romance, history and timeless streets filled with charming little shops and restaurants, a Corsica villa in Ajaccio is an ideal choice. The culinary delights of Ajaccio are second to none on the island.

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Corsica holidays in Calvi


Just the sight of Calvi is sure to take your breath away, but the town is not simply a place to sit and marvel at the buildings of old. It is a fantastic place for families to take a Corsica villa, with a 6km beach stretching out infront of the town.

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Corsica holidays in Ile Rousse

Ile Rousse

If you are looking for the best of Corsica beaches, you would be hard pushed to beat a Corsica villa in Ile Rousse. The golden sands that line the whole of west coast mean that the pick of Corsica’s beaches can be found here.

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Corsica holidays in Porticcio


Porticcio is a magical town across the gulf from Ajaccio. With the same access to the azure Mediterranean, Porticcio is surrounded by nature, and just a stone’s throw from the foothills, where Corsica walking holidays thrive.

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