October Half Term Short Breaks

With the holidays just around the corner, most people look forward to their October half term breaks. Not only is this a time when families plan exciting trips, often to warmer climates for that last bit of winter sunshine, but it is a pleasant way of getting your wits about you before facing the busy and of course cold holiday season. Whilst people do love the holidays, they can certainly be a stressful time of the year, to say the least. Fortunately, finding October half term accommodation will be the easiest part of planning your trip as they can be found quite simply, no matter where you plan on going.

Great October half term holiday destinations

Keep in mind that whilst dates do vary just a bit according to the region you live in where October half term breaks are concerned, the most common rental period runs from the last Saturday in October to the first Saturday in November. However, there are some last minute deals to be found so do keep your eye open for them if you’ve begin your planning a bit late in the month. In this case you may want to find a locale that is close enough to travel there last minute. The following are some of the most adventurous places to go for your October half term break.

Short October half term breaks in Istanbul


For an October half term break that is rich in educational value, Istanbul is the perfect travel destination. Bring your family on a trip through time and let them experience an ancient world. There is so much to see and do in Istanbul you’ll need to plan your itinerary very carefully to be sure you cover much as possible. For example, just seeing the splendour of the Topkapı Palace, which was the official seat of the Ottoman Empire for literally centuries, could take as much as a half a day to see. Do yourself and your family a favour and toss the tour brochure. Go off the beaten path and visit places like the Church of St Saviour in Chora as it is home to some of the most illustrious frescoes and mosaics preserved from the Byzantine era.

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Short October half term breaks in Amsterdam


Don’t let anyone tell you Amsterdam is inappropriate for kids. Whilst some things may be and you’d be better off travelling with a nanny, your children will love going places like Kinderkookkafé; literally translated this means Children's Cook Café. Here they can don aprons and prepare scrumptious dishes such as chocolate croissants and even pizzas. In addition, the boat rides down the canals are wonderful for family activities. There are so many old and crooked buildings to see and no child would pass up the chance at a boat ride! After the sun goes down, tuck the wee ones into their beds, leave the nanny with them and hit the streets for a night like you’ve never had. Just be sure you can remember how to get back to your rental accommodation before dawn!

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Short October half term breaks in Egypt


A perfect October half term break destination is Egypt. For the children, the excitement of being in the land of mummies alone will be almost too much. Not only is the weather quite warm but there are ancient museums, guided tours, amusement parks and all sorts of things to see and do in Egypt. It goes without saying Cairo would be an important stop during your travels. Whilst you are there you can take your kids to the Giza Zoo or the Cinema Studio. Practically everything you do in Egypt will be interesting for everyone in the family so there are no worries there. The ruins, pyramids and of course the ancient Sphinx are things that will leave your family breathless.

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Short October half term breaks in South Africa

South Africa

If you are looking for a “fun in the sun” October half term break filled with Safaris, hiking, horseback riding and exploring the great outdoors, South Africa is where you want to be. Imagine riding upon the back of an ostrich! This is not only something that may happen, but something that is almost sure to take place if you visit the small farming town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape. You can enjoy all the amenities of modern accommodations whilst taking part in authentic Zulu fun. See the way the natives live and hire a day tour. South Africa offers a little bit of something for everyone no matter his or her age. For people who just want to relax by the pool whilst the rest of the family goes out on adventures, independent cottages and private rentals offer all the serenity one could ask for.

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hort October half term breaks in New York

New York

New York City is home to ground zero and many people have flocked there specifically to see that since the horrific events that took place on 9/11. To be frank, there are almost not enough words to describe the many things there are to see and experience in this great US city. It is a city full of diversity and culture and is known for having some of the country’s best Pizza, which in and of itself is something everyone visiting should try at least once. However, Broadway, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo and of course the ABC recording studios are all sites tourists should see. A ferry boat tour of the Ellis Island, the point of immigration for the millions of people who came into the country as well as a tour of the Statue of Liberty is both educational and exciting. Additionally, October is a good time to visit as the city does become quite crowded during the holiday season.

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