The north coast of Devon is perfect for families with slightly older children as you can find some of the best surf in the country and miles of beautiful sands to enjoy and play on! Around Newquay you can find a lively nightlife and plenty of activities while further along the coast you have the beautiful St. Ives which is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the UK. It is famous for its artistic community and beautiful bay.

On the south coast, you will find stunning beaches and traditional Victorian seaside towns which are perfect for family getaways. Throughout the county, there are dozens of family attractions; from standing stone circles, to outdoor adventure parks and immaculate moorlands and wildlife parks. If you are thinking of a family holiday to Cornwall, then here you can find some of the best accommodation for families, from small cosy apartments to luxury cottages on a great offer.

Family Cottages with Pools

While the beaches are the main attraction in Cornwall you might not want to spend all your time on the beach. Having a cottage or house with a pool gives you a fantastic place to relax with your loved ones . While there might be no sand, having a pool makes it easy for you to relax and to keep an eye on your young ones. Properties with pools might be slightly more expensive, but the added luxury is excellent.

Family Cottages for a Holiday

Cottages in Cornwall range from modern properties to traditional cosy quiet retreats and offers you and your family a great chance to escape the crowds of resorts and hotels on your holiday. You can stay in busy seaside resorts or in Cornwall’s beautiful countryside towns and villages. Cottages are one of the cheapest ways to go away with your family and you get peace privacy and relaxation; providing you can keep the kids under control for five minutes of course!

Pet Friendly Cottages

For most of us, our pets are family too and taking them away with us gives us one less thing to worry about on our holidays. Thankfully Cornwall has plenty of pet friendly accommodation, and it is the perfect place to bring dogs, especially as the beaches and countryside offer plenty of outdoor exercise. Pet friendly cottages are not usually expensive than standard accommodation so you will save money on kennels, or from imposing on friends and family!

Holiday Apartments for Families

If you do not fancy a cottage, want to save even more money or just be very close to the beach, then a family apartment is the best option for your travels. We have apartments on offer in some of Cornwall’s most beautiful seaside towns, so you can literally find the beach on your doorstep. This is great if you do not want to spend too much time driving or carting yourself, and take your family to the beaches or attractions.

Cornwall is a beautiful county for accommodation and you will be able to have a very cheap family holiday if you decide to stay here. While rental accommodation might not be as cheap as some destinations in Europe the money you save on flights and your day to day expenses makes this a very cheap destination.

You can take food, drink and entertainment with you very easily and once you are there most of the best attractions – such as the beaches, the towns and historical sites are completely free; so day to day expenses are minimal. Cornwall has a lot to offer families, and you cannot beat it for family attractions and accommodation.

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