Cheap holidays for couples

Whatever the time of year it’s always nice to take some time off to spend with that special someone. Holidays for couples really can be what you make of them. Whilst many of the destinations which first spring to mind when we think of a couples holiday can be a little pricey, there are some lesser known gems out there where your cash will go much further. We tend to think of romantic places such as Greece with its history and islands, or Italy with its culture and food; but countries like Turkey or Croatia have fast become solid alternatives. Just because you are compromising a bit on price doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on quality, or the expectations of what you should get out of your trip. We have put together a great selection of places to take your loved one, of which the second best thing next to beauty is the price! These are places that won’t break the bank, so you can use them as a treat between summer holidays.

  • Cheap couples holidays in Dubrovnik

    Croatia offers some of the best weather, culture, history, scenery and food in Europe. It’s easy to see why it is fast becoming a popular destination with many British travellers looking for a beautiful holiday without the hefty price tag. Dubrovnik is a fantastic destination for some summer sun or culture and history with its fine museums and galleries. Wind your way around the streets of the old town area, now a protected UNESCO heritage site and brimming with excellent examples of architecture. In the summer the city does tend to get a bit full, so a day trip to one of the surrounding islands can be a great idea. To get the best views, take a boat to Lokrum Island and see it from the sea, or ride a cable car up the mountain to visit the Homeland war museum housed in the Napoleonic fort. Croatia has all the magic you want on a holiday for couples.

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  • Cheap couples holidays in Istanbul

    Steeped in history is the city which has been the gateway between East and West for centuries; Istanbul. The skyline of Istanbul, one of the world’s largest cities, is dominated by the dome of the Blue Mosque, famous across the world. Istanbul was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, and today from the seaside at Bosphorus to Beyoglu with its street cafes and French feel, you can find much of that history and magic alive. Visit the popular areas such as Baghdad Avenue to soak up the atmosphere or relax in one of the many pools across the city.

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  • Cheap couples holidays in York

    We don’t tend to think of romantic or couples holidays at home in the United Kingdom. But we have some of the best places in Europe to visit. Whilst your money might not go as far in a place such as York, it is a great place for a romantic weekend away on the spur of the moment. York is steeped in history from Roman remains through to its stunning cathedral. Some of the must see attractions are Jorvik, where there is a recreated Viking settlement, the railway museum or the sightseeing bus. It’s a beautiful city to explore as a couple.

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  • Cheap couples holidays in Dordogne, Perigord Noir

    One of the most relaxed, tranquil and romantic areas of France is Dordogne. Stretching across a large chunk of the French interior is this rustic and homely region. Nestled in its valleys and along the banks of the rivers Dordogne and Vézère are treasures such as the village of Limeuil, draped down a hill side. Further along you can find bustling market towns such as Le Bugue. Don’t miss the beautiful town of Sarlat, home to a medieval cathedral, not to mention music festivals. In fact wherever you go in Dordogne you will find a village or town celebrating. But perhaps it’s the peace and quiet which will most appeal when you’re looking for romantic views and secluded cottages.

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  • Cheap couples holidays in Tunis

    Stretching out into the crystal clear waters of Africa’s Mediterranean coast is the ancient city of Carthage. Dating back to Greek antiquity, today it is a UNESCO world heritage site and well worth a day trip out from the Tunisian capital, Tunis. Tunis is that special mix of a vibrant African city with glorious architectural gems left from France’s colonial days. Stroll the elegant wide boulevards of the Ville Novelle, or wind your way through the ancient quarter’s narrow streets. Stop in at the eclectic and exciting Franco-Arabic market for a treat or two during the day before exploring the buzzing nightlife of cafes and theatres.

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