Cheap hen weekends

Just because times are a little tough, it doesn't mean the bride-to-be should go without an exemplary hen weekend. There are plenty of destinations that are easily accessible from the UK, replete with low plane fares and private accommodation that is affordable. There are lots of places you can go where almost everything is free to do, but of course, you will want to take a little drinking money with you - and maybe the odd blow-up groom! But quite honestly, you mightn't need it: there are sure to be some stag parties willing to treat you and your friends to the odd drink on the house! Of course, these says, women tend to want something a little different from their hen parties. We don't all typically think of a hen weekend as one filled with drinking and strippers! Perhaps one of your nights away could benefit from a little mayhem, but for the most part, a hen weekend is a symbolic last chance to bond with the girls. After all, once the honeymoon starts, there is no telling how long it will last!

Cheap hen weekends in Benidorm, Spain


With more than four million tourists travelling here each year, it's no shock to learn that Benidorm is one of the most popular holiday spots in Europe. In fact, in recent years it has become somewhat of a hot spot for people looking to take stag or hen holiday, as not only do most bars remain open until daylight, but this destination is only two hours away from the UK. As well as saving money on travel expenses, one of Benidorm's best features is its Bookmark and Share Water park. Here you can enjoy endless hours of flumes and water slides, some of them death defying - or so it seems! Thrill seekers will love this and enjoy hours in the sun splashing about on the rides.

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Cheap hen weekends in Brussels, Belgium


Get your belongings, pack your best dress, and hop on the Eurostar to Brussels where you'll enjoy moules, beer, frites and much more in cosy little pubs. Of course, let us not forget about the world famous Belgian chocolate that Brussels is famous for. After all, what hen weekend would be complete without at least a little indulgence? Just be sure you will still fit into your wedding dress after your weekend is over! If you are visiting during the summer time you will be in for a real treat: there are all sorts of street festivals and concerts out in the open air, and when flowers with blooms as gorgeous as this, there may not be a lovelier city for ladies.

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Cheap hen weekends in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Whilst there's probably no reason to explain Amsterdam to anyone over the age of 18, we'll highlight the fact that it's more than suited to those after a tongue-in-cheek weekend! But of course, while there are many things in this city that will certainly raise some eyebrows, there are plenty of other reasons to explore this beautiful capital. A trip to Amsterdam from the UK is not a long one, and as the airfare is usually quite cheap, you can save costs on both travel and accommodation. There are gorgeous bits of scenery to see once you arrive, including Amsterdam's enchanting streets and winding canals: indeed, simply walking around the city will unearth no end of historical and cultural sites. And while we all know window-shopping doesn't cost a thing, you might want to treat yourself to a pair or two of clogs!

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Cheap hen weekends in Corsica, France


For both active and relaxed hens, Corsica couldn’t be a better choice. Whether you are into diving and hiking or lazing around on the beach and sunbathing, Corsica has something for everyone. The best part is that most of the things you can do in Corsica are centred around its natural beauty, and therefore free: the long stretch of shoreline can be enjoyed with a walk in the daytime or evening. This is a lovely place for a quiet and relaxing hen weekend that is also easy on the pocket, and one of the most interesting things about it is that it feels so different from the rest of France. The cuisine is unique, as is the overall feel of the placel yet although it appears somewhat of a hidden gem, it's 400 year integration as part of the country is reflected in its many historical sites.

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Cheap hen weekends in Newquay, England


Newquay is the UK’s absolute best spot for fun in the sun, swimming in the sea, building extravagant sand castles and anything else you might find yourself doing in a beach town! There are water sports to participate in as well as tranquil beaches to relax on. One thing is for sure: the weather may give the telltale signs that you haven't left Britain, but with its café culture and palm trees, it is easy to imagine you are somewhere else. Gone are the days of the traditional albeit tacky seaside holiday: Newquay is a modern and elegant option for hens looking to holiday at home. With its gift shops and delicious seafood restaurants, this is a paradise for a UK-based hen weekend.

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