Meeting holidaymaker's expectations on

To help you perform successfully, we have compiled a list of what holidaymakers are looking for from homeowners when they use our marketplace.

1. Holidaymakers expect your property advert to be complete

Holidaymakers expect your property advert to be complete

Remember, holidaymakers will look at your property advert to form an impression of your holiday rental, so you should present it to the highest possible standard.


  • Property advert headline: Tell holidaymakers about the key features of your property.
  • Property description: Write at least 500 words of describing your home in detail, highlighting its unique selling points.
  • Owner profile: Help holidaymakers get to know you, upload a picture and tell them why you love your holiday home.
  • Photo gallery: You can upload up to 24 photographs. The photographs should be bright, clear and attractive, and should show the exterior of the property, and all your key rooms.

  • Location description: Write at least 500 words describing location in detail. Let holidaymakers know how far your holiday rental is from different places of interest and what the atmosphere of your area is like.
  • Google map: Set your Google Map at a level you feel comfortable with. It's a trusted tool.
  • Facilities table: Make sure your facilities table lists everything you provide.


Very important: It is very important that you write a new Property Description and Location Description rather than copy and paste it from elsewhere because search engines like Google and Bing don't recognise duplicated content (i.e. writing that appears elsewhere on the internet).



2. Holidaymakers expect to be able to book your holiday rental quickly and easily

Holidaymakers expect quick and easy rentals
  • Responding to enquiries: You should respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. In fact the sooner you reply, the more likely you are to secure the booking. Remember, the holidaymaker might have contacted other property owners too, so reply promptly.
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  • Online Payments: Let holidaymakers pay you securely through your account. – Did you know that properties that allow online payments receive on average 160% more enquiries than properties that don’t.*
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  • Online Bookings: Even better, allow holidaymakers to make booking requests. On the holidaymaker’s part it’s more committed than manual enquiries, and you have the control to accept or decline the booking.
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  • Availability calendar: You must update your availability calendar every time you get a booking. Availability calendars not being up-to-date is the number one complaint we get from holidaymakers.
  • Reviews: Reviews build holidaymaker’s confidence in the properties on our site, in fact two thirds of people trust independent online reviews.** We recommend you display at least 5 reviews.
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Your Listing Scorecard on the Performance tab of your owner dashboard can provide you with feedback about how complete your property page is and the standard of booking experience that you offer.

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3. Holidaymakers expect you to be available

Holidaymakers expect you to be available
Remember, a holidaymaker is taking a leap of faith by booking your home. The more you communicate with them, the more reassured and comfortable they will feel.


  • Screen your guests: We recommend taking the time to speak to your guests by phone before confirming the booking. This will help you decide if they are suitable for your property.
  • Expect to receive calls from holidaymakers verifying the details before they pay, too.
  • Be responsive: If a holidaymaker contacts you via phone or email, try to get back to them as soon as possible. You’ll save them a lot of unnecessary anxiety.
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*Based on the number of enquiries per property advert between June and August 2013 amongst owners advertising on, and