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Join the Expanded Distribution Network and get bookings through a variety of partners, starting with Expedia®, one of the world’s largest online travel sites.
Learn how to manage your enrollment

Reach more travelers…without any extra work! Our new Expanded Distribution Network gives you the ability to list your property on other leading global travel websites, starting with Expedia.

Through the Expanded Distribution Network, HomeAway partners with well-known travel brands to extend the reach of your listing(s) outside our family of sites so you have access to a larger audience of travelers.

Participation in this new network allows you to:

Access a new set of travelers through HomeAway’s partnership with popular online travel sites, starting with

Continue to manage your listings as you do today and enjoy increased exposure.

Use helpful tools to build off existing HomeAway listings and advertising relationships.

It's easy to be a part of the

Expanded Distribution Network

Once you opt in, you are always in control. You will use the same tools to manage your listings that you are using today – no additional work is required to manage your listing’s content, calendar, or rates because everything is automatically synched!

Put your listings in front of travelers that might not have considered a vacation home for their next getaway. With the Expanded Distribution Network, they’ll be able to view your listings, getting you more exposure and helping you fill your reservation calendar.

When does it start?

Network listings will appear on our partner sites once the program goes live in September. Enrolling now is the best way to ensure your properties are there the day it launches.

As new partners join the network, you’ll automatically be listed with any partners charging the same 10% commission. You will always have the chance to manage which properties you want listed on each site in your dashboard and can opt out at any time.

How much does it cost?

We are launching the Expanded Distribution Network with Expedia charging a commission of 10%.

Owners and property managers who use HomeAway Payments will pay an additional 3% credit card processing fee.

How to manage your enrollment

We’ve made it easy to enroll in the Expanded Distribution network. Simply return to the email you received, and click the button.


Return to your email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)


Find the email that directed you to this page (“SUB: Get your HomeAway/VRBO listings…”)


Click the “Enroll now” button

All listings in the network will be displayed when the program goes live. In the future, you will be able to manage your enrollment options from your dashboard, and choose the partner websites where your listings will appear...


Your dashboard will have the capability for you to turn your listings on or off on September 1, 2014.

If you are an owner and have one or a few listings, you can go into your Listing Editor for each listing and turn the Expanded Distribution Network option off.

If you are a property manager with many listings, you can navigate to the Expanded Distribution tab in your property management dashboard that will allow you to manage the publication of your properties in bulk.

Commission fees are calculated on total rental fee excluding taxes and security deposits. You will be charged a 10% commission fee on the total rental amount, any fees (such as cleaning or pet fees), and any additional payments.

You will be charged a 3% payment processing fee on tax and refundable deposits. (The processing fee would be refunded when you refund the deposit.)

Lastly, additional products offered to your guests, such as Property Damage Protection, Carefree Rental Guarantee, and Cancellation Protection, are not subject to any fees.

HomeAway’s Expanded Distribution Network partners with well-known travel brands to extend the reach of your listing(s) outside the HomeAway family of sites so you have access to a larger audience of travelers.

The Expanded Distribution Network puts your listing(s) in front of travelers that might not have considered a vacation rental. Today, travelers searching for accommodations on Expedia and other leading online travel sites almost exclusively choose from hotels and rarely if ever see vacation homes as an option.

If your listings are eligible, you will receive an invitation to participate by email prior to launch of the first distribution channel. You will be directed to a website that will allow you to opt-in to the Network.

Expedia will start publishing listings in September, 2014. We will announce future site partnerships as they occur. Please keep in mind that Expedia and HomeAway regularly do testing on their sites which will impact whether you see your listing when you visit Expedia

An eligible listing is a pay-per-booking listing that is not flagged for non-fair market participation.

Once you have opted in, any future listings you add to your account will automatically be distributed in the Expanded Distribution Network.

Expedia was excited to get this program to market this year, so we decided to start with the listings that would have the easiest transition to a commission model, e.g., our pay-per-booking listings. However, we are already working on the solution for our valued subscription customers and plan to have an announcement in the first half of 2015.

Initially, listings will be distributed on Expedia. As the network grows, your listings will automatically be distributed on any future sites that charge the same 10% commission and we will notify you.

You will receive a reservation request notification as well as see the request in the Reservation Manager. The source of the request will be HomeAway.