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Your guide to holiday rentals eBook


Whether you want to rent villas, a country cottage or a city apartment this eBook tells you what you need to know.
Topics covered include:
    1. Getting Started
  1. Setting goals
  2. Hiring help
  3. Preparing your home for guests
    2. Marketing your holiday home
  1. Writing an advert
  2. Taking good photographs
  3. Setting your rental rates
    3. The rental process
  1. Responding to booking enquiries
  2. Handling keys
  3. Securing booking and requesting feedback
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Luxury Holiday Trullo In Puglia
Anna Maggio, Owner since 2008.
I have had a tremendous response by advertising with HomeAway.co.uk. the bookings poured in
after only a few days of adding our property to your site. Thank you!

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