Features of email with essential reservations tools

Manage the entire reservation process with our new and improved Reservation Manager. It will soon be easier than ever to handle all your enquiries and bookings with one simple screen that combines features of email with all the essential reservation tools you need, in one secure, convenient place. And it works well on any screen size, including tablets and mobile phones, so you can manage your enquiries from anywhere.

What’s new?

With the updated Reservation Manager, you can easily manage the entire reservation process, from enquiries to bookings and payments. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:

Improved communications process

Streamlined bookings

Easier payments and bookings management

Inbox — your “one-stop shop” for all guest communications

The inbox contains all traveller communications sent through HomeAway in one place so that they’re easy to read, view, and reply, without having to go to a different area to do it. Whether you have one holiday home or many, the inbox will show the communications from all properties in a single view, or for one particular property if you prefer.

Here are some of the inbox features:

Status indicators

Special icons will help you identify which messages are new and which require your immediate attention. Reservation requests will have a special countdown timer so you know how much time you have left to accept, and unanswered enquiries will have a special alert so you know that you still need to respond.

Filters for conversations

The default inbox view shows you all your messages. But if you only want to view reservation requests, quotes sent, cancellations, etc., you can easily do this by using the filter button and selecting the type of messages you want to see from the dropdown menu.

Archive old messages

To keep your inbox from getting too cluttered, you can archive messages you don’t need to see anymore by checking the box on the left and clicking “archive” from the action button at the top. You can do this with as many messages as you like by checking the boxes on the left. And don’t worry—if you ever need to view those messages again, they’ll still be there!

Take action from the conversation view

All the back and forth messages between you and a particular traveller are placed together, so it’s easy to see the entire conversation in one place, without having to scroll around. And when viewing a message, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more than just reply.

In the new conversation view, you can access all your booking tools without leaving the message you are writing:

  • View a traveller’s requested dates and check availability on your calendar.
  • Create/edit quotes and send payment requests.
  • Send customised payment schedule and automatic payment reminders (if you have signed up for HomeAway Payments).
  • Create customised templates so you can respond to any occasion.
  • Upload and attach documents such as rental agreements or cancellation policies.
  • See all past messages in a conversation history view that will also include all the actions you have taken such as quotes and payment requests sent.

Template and attachment managers

Simplify the repetitive task of responding to enquiries and messages by creating customised response templates that can then be tailored for any situation — without having to write a new message every time. And with the attachment manager, you have the convenience of uploading and sending relevant information to the traveller or guest.

Unlimited templated messages

Create customised template responses for every occasion (available, not available, booking confirmation, etc.) so you can easily reply without having to write a new message each time. The template manager allows you to customise and store all your responses for any situation. You can even use predefined “tags” so dynamic content can be included (e.g., <GUEST NAME> becomes the actual person’s name when the email is created). You can also add attachments like rental agreements and preview the template to see how it will look once it’s sent.

Store your rental documents online

Save time by uploading important documents, such as rental agreements and cancellation policies, and keeping them where you can easily access them and attach them to your responses. Attach them in templated messages or add them to messages as you create them — they’re all there whenever you need them. The attachment manager accepts PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF files, and allows you to organise them into folders so they’re always easy to find.

Manage on the go, from anywhere

Reservation Manager adapts to the device you’re viewing it on, so it’s easy to use, even when you’re away from home. You can also use it from your tablet or smartphone, so you never miss an enquiry or booking.

How it works

With all the new functionality, your Reservation Manager can do a lot. Some features are only available to listings that use HomeAway Payments and online booking. How it works for you will depend on what features you use:

If you don’t have HomeAway Payments

Even without our secure payments option, Reservation Manager allows you to manage traveller enquiries and guest communications with templates and attachments, and send quotes. You can then manually enter reservations on the calendar and collect an offline payment method such as a mailed cheque, bank-to-bank transfer, or use another payment processing method.

If you have HomeAway Payments but not online booking

If you don’t use online booking, you have all the features listed in the paragraph above, and you can send payment requests to guests through HomeAway Payments. The guest can then pay using a credit card, and reservations are automatically added to your calendar. You can also set up payment schedules and automatic payment reminders, and refund deposits.

If you have HomeAway Payments and use online booking

For listings with both of these features, your Reservation Manager can do all of these things, plus travellers can use the “Book Now” feature to request a reservation and pay upfront to secure the request. You can still talk with the guest and have 24 hours to accept or decline the request. If accepted, the payment is automatically processed, and the calendar dates are automatically reserved by the system.

Basic With HomeAway Payments With HomeAway Payments and online booking
Manage traveller enquiries Manage traveller enquiries Manage traveller enquiries
Respond to guest communications Respond to guest communications Respond to guest communications
Create and use templates Create and use templates Create and use templates
Create and use attachments Create and use attachments Create and use attachments
Send quotes Send quotes Send quotes
Manually create reservations Send online invoices Send online invoices
- Accept credit card payments Accept credit card payments
- Reservations automatically added to calendar when traveller pays Reservations automatically added to calendar when traveller pays
- Set payment schedules and automatic payment reminders Set payment schedules and automatic payment reminders
- Refund deposits Refund deposits
- - Use “Book Now” to set up online booking