Coming soon to property managers on HomeAway

New tools and features are coming to you this autumn to help you save time and get more bookings. Based on extensive traveller research and feedback, we’re introducing a range of new features to support you in managing your business and make HomeAway better for you and your guests.

Listing and response score

Travellers searching for holiday homes expect a great experience — not just while they’re on holiday, but from the moment their planning begins. That’s why we are introducing the new listing quality scorecard, which clearly shows how well you’re meeting travellers’ expectations, and how you can improve your position within search results and drive more bookings.

Your listing quality scorecard gives you immediate feedback on the things that matter most to travellers, so you always know you’re providing the information they need most. Detailed information on scores for every listing in your inventory is just a click away. See simple steps you can take to improve your listing quality score, so you can improve your listing’s search rank within its subscription level and drive more bookings!

After subscription level, your listing quality score is the most important factor in determining where your properties appear in search results. And better search placement translates to more clicks and more bookings!

What you can do now

There's no time like the present to make the most of these new changes. You can visit your current listing scorecard and follow the recommendations that will help you when the new features are available, such as signing up to online booking, collecting reviews, or uploading new photos.

Reservation Manager

Our new and improved Reservation Manager makes it easier than ever to handle all your enquiries and bookings in one place. Now you’ll have a range of powerful, easy-to-use tools that let you handle enquiries and bookings quickly and easily:

  • One-click access to all your reservation tools
  • Instantly add quotes and payment requests
  • Smarter messaging options
  • Quickly manage templates and attachments
  • Unlimited templated messages
  • Store your rental documents online