Mobile Hospitality Manager

Mobile Hospitality Manager is the best way to find out everything you need to know about your chosen holiday home and the surrounding area.

Find out the owner’s local recommendations, what’s provided in the property and even what to pack before you depart!

I’m a traveller

Get all the information about the property you’re staying in and the surrounding area at your fingertips with Mobile Hospitality Manager. It’s full of the practical details you’ll need to get there and settle in, plus local recommendations from those in the know.

Get everything you need to know about your upcoming holiday!
Access your content from anywhere using the HomeAway app for iOS and Android, or via the web on a PC, tablet or smartphone.
You can even save the content offline using the HomeAway app, if you want to avoid roaming charges.
Share the content with other members of your travel party.
See relevant content before, during and after your stay.
Leave a review directly in the app.
See owner and Google recommendations of the best places to visit.
Request missing content from the owner.

How it works

Find and book a property on the site

  • Once you have found your ideal property, book with the owner or manager.
  • After the owner has confirmed your booking, you will be able to access all of the great features of Mobile Hospitality Manager

Two weeks before your arrival

  • You will receive an email inviting you to view important information about your upcoming trip, such as what to pack and house rules.
  • You can access this though the internet on your PC, tablet or smartphone, or through the HomeAway mobile app for iOS/Android if you have it installed.
  • You can share these details with other members of your travel party to help them prepare for their holiday.

One day before arrival

  • The property owner or manager can share property access information with you, such as door codes, where to collect the keys and driving directions.
  • You can do this from the ‘My Guests’ page. We will never share this information without your permission.

Day of your arrival

  • You will receive an email welcoming you to the property.
  • You will be able to view all of the helpful information about the property and the surrounding area.
  • Any content missing? Simply send a request to the owner to provide information.

Final day of your stay

  • You will receive an email, thanking you for your visit and inviting you to leave a review.
  • You can leave a review of the property via the internet or through the HomeAway app.


You will receive an invitation email two weeks before your arrival at the property.

You can access property information via the internet on your PC, tablet or smartphone; or through the HomeAway mobile app for iOS and Android, if you have it installed.

Not all properties will support this feature at launch. We are working hard to bring this feature to all properties on our site

You can use the Invite Guests feature to email a link to other members of your party. They will then be able to see all of the information that you can view. The property owner will be notified each time you do this.

If an owner has not provided content on a particular content, you will see the icon greyed out. You can press the icon to request the content from the owner at any time.

If you already have the HomeAway mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can simply open the link in your invitation email. This content will then be available under the My Rental section of the in-app menu.

If you are using the HomeAway mobile app for iOS or Android, you can store the content to be available offline. This is useful if you have data roaming disabled, or do not have internet access during your trip. You will need to load the content within the app before you travel. Some features, such as maps and inviting other guests, are not available offline.

If you lose your invitation email, you should contact the owner. They will be able to resend the email.