Mobile Hospitality Manager

Mobile Hospitality Manager is the simple way for owners to share helpful information about their property and the surrounding area with their guests.

As an owner, it will help save you time and give your guests all the information they need. And if you’re a holidaymaker, it’s a great way to ensure you make the most of your stay and enjoy the best holiday possible.

I’m an owner

Keeping your guests happy means they are far more likely to return to your property for their next holiday. With Mobile Hospitality Manager you can give them all the information they need to enjoy a seamless, hassle free and pleasurable stay.

Give guests top tips and helpful details about your property and the surrounding area.
Guests can access your content from anywhere using the HomeAway app for iOS and Android, or via the web on a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Save time by pre-empting commonly asked questions.
Send automated welcome and thank you messages.
Control when you share access information, such as door codes or where to collect the keys.
Only upload the information once and all future guests will be able to access it too.

Accessing Mobile Hospitality Manager

Once enabled, you can access your Mobile Hospitality Manager through the Hospitality link in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard.

My content

The My Content page is where you can add information about your property and the surrounding area. You can add text, images and further information for each topic.

We recommend that you add as much content as possible to help travellers make the most of their stay.

  • Pre-Arrival: Tell guests everything they need to know about their upcoming stay, from parking and check-in instructions to driving directions and any essential items they should pack.
  • Rental Instructions: Here you can tell guests about all of the amenities in your property, from Wi-Fi codes and heating instructions to how to operate the TV and washing machine.
  • Local Suggestions: No one knows the surrounding area better than you do. Help guests find the hidden gems nearby, from restaurants and bars to the nearest supermarket or cash machine. You can also choose from the top Google recommendations for your area.
  • Customise your welcome and thank you messages: Save time by using our automated welcome and thank you emails. You can customise these messages to add your own personal touch.

How it works

After you have added your content for the first time, Mobile Hospitality Manager does the rest for you. Here’s how it works:

Traveller booking is confirmed

  • Once you have confirmed a traveller booking with a valid email address, they will be invited to access your Mobile Hospitality content.

Two weeks before your guests arrive

  • We will send the traveller an email inviting them to get more information about their upcoming holiday, such as what to pack and house rules.
  • The traveller can access your content though the internet on their PC, tablet or smartphone, or through the HomeAway mobile app for iOS/Android if they have it installed.

One day before arrival

  • You can provide access information to the guest, such as door codes, where to collect the keys and driving directions.
  • You can do this from the ‘My Guests’ page. We will never share this information without your permission.

Arrival day

  • The traveller will receive a welcome email with your personal message.
  • The traveller will be able to access all of the content about your property and the surrounding area.
  • Guests can request content if you have not yet provided it.

Final day of traveller stay

  • The traveller will receive an email, thanking them for their visit and inviting them to leave a review.
  • They can leave a review of your property via the internet or through the HomeAway app.

Day after traveller departure

  • The traveller will no longer be able to access your content about the property, surrounding area and access information.
  • They will still be able to see your contact details and leave a review.


We will notify you as soon as your account has been enabled. You will see a Hospitality link in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard.

At HomeAway, we want to make sure that all travellers have the best holiday possible. We have found that guests have a much more enjoyable experience when they use Mobile Hospitality Manager, even if the very minimum of content has been provided.

We recommend that you add as much content as possible. If a particular category is not relevant to your property, then you can choose not to provide any information.

When adding information for the first time, we recommend that you set aside up to one hour per property. Dedicating this relatively short amount of time now will save you time in the future.

We recommend that you regularly update your content with any changes to the property and surrounding area, to make sure your information remains current.

From the first time you access Mobile Hospitality Manager, you will have 30 days to update you content before any guests are invited to access your information.

Each time another guest is invited to view your content, your Activity page will be updated with their details.

You can disable the welcome and thank you message emails from the Settings page at any time. Invitation emails cannot be disabled.

You can resend the invitation email from the My Guests page of your Mobile Hospitality Manager

We want to make sure that all travellers have the best possible holiday experience when using our site. To that end, we will be introducing this feature to all listings.

Mobile Hospitality currently supports up to 10 properties. We are currently working to support larger accounts.