Dashboard homepage

When you log in to your HomeAway account you will automatically land on a new dashboard homepage. As the page you probably see the most, we've made some design and feature improvements to make it easier for you to use and find what you need. The new dashboard homepage provides a quick overview of the key information you need to help you manage the day-to-day operations of your holiday home business.

What’s new?

The dashboard is where you'll find everything you need to know about your property. And since it's such an important tool, we've made lots of improvements to save you time and make it easier to use.

Simplified navigation

The left menu has been streamlined and updated so it’s much easier to find the things you need.

Critical alerts

We've added alerts to let you know if your listing is about to expire or if there is an important action you need to take.

Inbox view of recent enquiries and reservation requests

Now you can easily see your most recent guest communications the minute you log in, without having to click into your inbox, so it’s easier to respond quickly and secure bookings.

New guest management section

Once you've confirmed a reservation you can always know what’s happening with your upcoming, current, and future guests. This makes it easier to keep track of who has paid, who is getting ready to check in, when you need to request a review, and more.

Easy access to your calendar

A quick view of your calendar allows you to see upcoming reservations and check availability from your dashboard homepage, making it easier to keep your calendar up to date.

Listing performance score

You can quickly and easily view your listing quality score to make sure you’re providing everything travellers look for when searching for a holiday home. Click it to get a more detailed view, and see if there are opportunities to improve the quality of your listing and appear higher in search results.


You can now see a list of all your properties by selecting the property selector at the top of the dashboard. If you have multiple properties, you will automatically land on one property and have the ability to change later.