HomeAway Premier Partner Terms and Conditions

The HomeAway Premier Partner Program (referred to in these terms as the “Premier Partner Program” and all participating partners referred to as “participating partners”) provides benefits to partners who have consistently provided exceptional experiences to HomeAway travellers as reflected in the attainment of certain performance standards.  The Premier Partner Terms and Conditions apply in addition to the Owner Terms & Conditions and any listing agreement you have signed with HomeAway (collectively, the “HomeAway Terms”). 


HomeAway does not endorse any partner, nor guarantee or control the quality, safety, suitability, or conduct of any partner, regardless of whether or not a partner is a participating partner. If you qualify to be eligible to become a participating partner, this means you’ve met our Premier Partner Program performance standards. It does not mean that HomeAway endorses, certifies or approves your listing or you as a partner. You remain entirely responsible for complying with applicable laws and for all your other obligations under the HomeAway Terms


We may entirely discontinue the Premier Partner Program at any time.


To qualify as eligible to become a participating partner in the Premier Partner Program, you must: (1) have a HomeAway account in good standing, and (2) satisfy certain performance standards established by HomeAway from time to time. Premier Partner Program eligibility is valid only for the qualification period, and your participation in the Premier Partner Program may be revoked in accordance with these terms, including if you fail to meet the current eligibility standards. Premier Partner Program eligibility and performance standards may also be changed from time to time at HomeAway’s sole discretion.


Premier Partner Program Evaluations

Qualification is periodically evaluated at least once during every relevant qualification period.  Qualification may also be reviewed at any other time.

Participating partner status may be revoked at the next review date if the partner did not meet the eligibility and/or performance standards during the most recent applicable time period for each respective performance standard. Participating partner status may also be revoked during any other time if it is determined that the partner is not meeting applicable eligibility and/or performance standards.  HomeAway will notify participating partner of their Premier Partner Program status revocation. Partners who have had their Premier Partner Program status revoked may become eligible to regain their Premier Partner Program status during a future qualification period if they otherwise meet the qualifications requirements in place at the future review date.

If you become a participating partner, an applicable badge indicating your status as a participating partner will be added to your HomeAway profile, your search landing page(s) your listing page(s) or elsewhere depending on the current HomeAway badging display treatment.  Your badge will be displayed for as long as you continue to be a participating partner and as long as the Premier Partner Program continues. Occasionally this may take some time for our systems to process. The delay in the appearance of the badge doesn't impact your participating partner status, and your badge appearance will not effect your ability to receive the other benefits once you qualify as a participating partner. If you wish to turn off your Premier Partner Program badge, please contact HomeAway. Turning off your badge alone does not affect your participating partner status; you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of being a participating partner. If you want to turn your badge back on, please contact HomeAway.


Premier Partner Program Badge

Any use of any Premier Partner Program badge not specifically allowed by these terms is not permitted. You are not allowed to use or display your badge outside of your listing on HomeAway without separate approval from HomeAway and subject to additional external display requirements.

Qualifying as a participating partner does not give you any ownership or other proprietary rights in the badge or other HomeAway intellectual property, other than as provided in these terms. HomeAway retains all rights, title and interest in and to the Premier Partner Program badges, trademarks, and other protected materials.


Being a Participating Partner

We want partners to be proud of their Premier Partner Program status, but please don’t:

  • Claim to be endorsed by, an agent or representative of HomeAway, or otherwise misrepresent your association with HomeAway.
  • Use your Premier Partner Program badge in association with any materials that are false, misleading, offensive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, harassing, illegal, or that violate the rights of any third party.
  • Commercialize the Premier Partner Program badge (such as by creating, importing, or selling merchandise with the Premier Partner Program badge or by displaying your Premier Partner Program badge on third party websites or mobile applications) without prior separate approval from HomeAway.


Participating partners may enjoy special benefits in addition to those described here. These benefits may be subject to additional terms, and may be changed or discontinued by HomeAway at any time with or without notice to you.



Participation in the Premier Partner Program is a privilege, not a right. Your participating partner status, privileges, and license to the Premier Partner Program badge may be revoked if you violate these terms, the HomeAway Terms or other any other HomeAway terms and conditions or agreement with HomeAway applicable to you. Your Premier Partner Program membership, privileges, and license to the Premier Partner Program badge may be suspended or terminated if: (a) you no longer meet the qualifications, (b) stop hosting, or (c) your listing or HomeAway account is suspended or cancelled each as the case may be.


Last updated August 2018