Unique places to stay around the world

When you plan your next holiday, ensure it is unique as it is charming. There are plenty of unusual places to stay, and some are only a stone's throw away: from the quaint windmills of the Netherlands and Germany to the novelty of staying in one of the many converted castles found throughout Europe. Or find inner peace at a lake-side or canal-front rental for a great staycation alternative. Choosing a unique holiday could not be simpler: browse our holiday guides packed with inspiring locations, useful booking tips, and expert travel advice. Unique stays make unforgettable memories.

Windmill holidays


Windmills, these quaint and traditional structures scatter the world. They were once primarily used as wind-powered machines that produced energy and milled grain. But today - long since their 18th Century boom - they have become popular holiday lets instead. Perhaps you picture yourself in the tulip fields of Holland or taking in the sea air in the Cape Cod peninsula, USA? Windmills boast the most enchanting views, and there are plenty of options. Romantic, unspoiled and serene, discover your ultimate windmill retreat for a truly unique stay.

Castles for weddings in Europe


Like something from a fairy tale, a castle can create a truly unique wedding setting. Complete with all the fancy additions you would expect from such a regal rental – turrets, ballrooms, water-filled moats, the works – planning your wedding in a castle could be what your big day is missing. From the distinctive Arabic style forts of Spain to the Cinderellaesque wonders of Germany, read our article to discover palaces for rent scattered across Europe waiting to give your wedding a royal touch.

Disabled Holiday Accommodation


We pride ourselves on sourcing out the most desirable disabled holiday cottages, bungalows, and wheelchair accessible properties to ensure our rentals across the globe are catered for everyone. Once you have chosen your destination, select ‘wheelchair accessible’ under the ‘more filters’ section and a full list of wheelchair-friendly rentals will appear. Then all you need to do is choose the perfect property and look forward to your dream break.