Find the best place to stay — Trenčianske Teplice

A holiday rental home in Trenciaske Teplice is a perfect choice for your next adventure filled holiday

Trenciaske Teplice is home to wonderful castles, palaces and ancient ruins. It is also the setting for many types of outdoor activities. Whether you choose a summer or winter holiday to Trenciaske Teplice there will be much to do. A holiday rental home in Trenciaske Teplice provides all of the comforts of home and puts you close to all attractions and adventures.  

Things to do on holiday to Trenciaske Teplice

When considering a holiday spot with many options for outdoor activities, Trenciaske Teplice, located in West Slovakia, may not be what first comes to mind. The fact is, however, that this area has been gaining in popularity as a holiday destination. This is in large part due to the variety of activities available. During the summer months, those who holiday to Trenciaske Teplice can fish, golf, hike, cycle, take on white water rapids and much more. Other warm weather options include SCUBA diving, wind surfing and boating. If you are looking for more thrilling adventures, consider parachuting or bungee jumping. There are also opportunities for mountain climbing, rappelling and hang gliding. It gets very cold during the winter in Trenciaske Teplice which makes a perfect backdrop for skiing, dog sledding, skating and snowboarding. No matter what time of year you choose to holiday to Trenciaske Teplice, there will plenty to keep you busy.

Places to visit on holiday to Trenciaske Teplice

The area around Trenciaske Teplice is home to many ruins, castles and other important historical sites. There are many palaces and ruins that are just waiting to be explored. Keep in mind that most such attractions near Trenciaske Teplice require some level of hiking and climbing to reach. There are two important events that take place nearby each year. One is the International Art Film Festival, which takes place each June. The other is the National Handicrafts Fair that takes place each July.

Weather in Trenciaske Teplice

There are four distinct seasons in Trenciaske Teplice and, for many, that is part of the charm. Visitors time their visit to reflect the type of activities in which they are most interested. The average temperature during the summer months is 21 degrees. The average temperature during the winter is -2 degrees.

Travel to Trenciaske Teplice

The closest airport to Trenciaske Teplice is Bratislava (BTS), located about 100 km from Trenciaske Teplice. The airport is fairly well-serviced, but some travellers do not find the flights that they want. An alternative is to fly into Vienna International Airport (VDD). Whilst this airport is about an extra hours drive away, there are many more flights from which to choose. It is recommended that you have a car for use during your stay.