Make a Holiday Rental Apartment in Greenland Your Home Away From Home

Although geographically Greenland comes under North America, it actually has much stronger connections with the continent of Europe. This is mainly down to the fact that this largest island in the world has been ruled by both Norway and Denmark in its history. Today, it is the least densely populated nation in the world which is still strongly connected with Denmark. Greenland has a population of just 56,000 inhabitants and the vast majority of these people live on the more sheltered coastal fringes of the island. The interior is far from green - being covered in thick sheets of ice. Holidays in Greenland are not usually people’s first choice, but when you consider how this is one of the last remaining areas of wilderness on our planet, suddenly self catering accommodation in Greenland looks much more attractive.

Things to Do on Holiday in Greenland

The summers in Greenland are very short-lived and far from as warm as we would be used to in the UK, however, this is the time when many people to decide to visit. At this time, some of the activities you might like to consider getting involved in include scenic coastal walks and hiking treks (be sure to verify the best routes to take if you plan to head off-the-beaten-track!), cycling, fishing, tennis, plus there are some delightful cafés, restaurants and shops to explore within the capital of the island, Nuuk.

Places to Visit on Holiday in Greenland

The vast majority of tourist attractions in Greenland are definitely centred within the capital of Nuuk. Even though this city only has a population of just over 15,000 inhabitants (making it one of the smallest capitals in the whole world), there is still a good selection of tourist attractions to visit. These include the impressive Nuuk Cathedral which dates back to the middle of the 19th century, The Hans Egede Church and the statue of Hans Egede. There is a very interesting museum to visit in Nuuk: known as The Greenland National Museum, and this is an ideal way of finding out more about the people and history of this fascinating part of the world.

Weather in Greenland

Visitors on their holidays in Greenland would need to ensure they pack very warm clothing as the island experiences what is known as a polar climate. This means that many parts of the island will remain below freezing for much of the year. However, Nuuk and other coastal communities are slightly protected by the sea and therefore a bit milder. Nevertheless, average temperatures during the winter will struggle to reach -4 degrees Celsius during the day. In the summer, averages are around 10 degrees. Nuuk receives just over 30 inches of precipitation per year; mainly falling as snow in the winter.

Travel to Greenland

There are no direct flights to the self catering accommodation in Greenland, therefore, you will need to take a flight to Copenhagen Airport (CPH), in Denmark, followed by a flight through Air Greenland to Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ) which is the main point of entry on this vast island.