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Ronnie McCluskey

Ronnie McCluskey
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Thrill-seeking holidaysSummer is here, in season if not in climate, and yet again the thoughts of a nation turn to finding a retreat - a sun-kissed sanctuary - in which to relax for a few weeks. The majority select locales where returning a slightly browner shade is a distinct possibility; but for some, the promise of a tropical climate just isn’t enough to get excited about. For the adrenaline junkie, it’s all about the thrill of finding that incomparable high. If it so happens that such an adrenaline rush can only be achieved in a distant land, even better!

Thrill-seeking is a broad term, and depending on individual levels of bravery (or sanity) one man’s Everest may well be another’s molehill. Perhaps you get your kicks by hurling yourself from a bridge with a length of elastic fastened around your ankles. Maybe getting up close and personal with some of nature’s most fearsome predators is your idea of fun. Whatever takes your fancy, HomeAway can provide you with a perfect rental accommodation to base your adventure from. To get the juices flowing, here are a few suggestions.



Top five thrill-seeking holiday ideas


Bungee jumping Bungee jumping

An increasingly popular pastime, and one that seems to stoke a curiously competitive nature among enthusiasts, bungee jumping has become something of a bragging right in recent years. The claim of leaping from the highest peak is quite the honour for adrenaline junkies: if this sounds like you, the Macau Tower in China or Switzerland’s Verzasca Dam are safe bets. The latter, incidentally, is the vertiginous arched drop immortalised at the start of GoldenEye - if you’re interested in that kind of thing! Should you base an entire trip around the activity, New Zealand is something of a haven, with several heart-stopping plummets on offer. 

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Cage diving with Great White Sharks Cage diving with Great White Sharks

You’ve seen Jaws; winced when our toothy anti-hero makes light work of a steel cage deployed by the crew of the Orca. Consequentially, you may have asked yourself: “Why on Earth would someone get into the water with these creatures?” Away from the big screen, the activity is altogether more controlled - albeit just as terrifying as you imagine. The cheapest place to come within the width of a (mercifully reinforced) steel bar from the Great Whites is, by some distance, South Africa. A trip in the aptly named Shark Alley, just off the coast of Gansbaai, will set you back a comparatively modest £150. You can also share a Great White’s company in South Australia, from Port Lincoln, Mexico, from Isla de Guadalupe, and off the coast of San Francisco, around the Farallon Islands.

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Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park

A 2,000 square mile expanse of mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls, Yosemite is a paradise for all manner of adventure lovers. With an unremitting selection of hiking trails throughout the park - they range from mild to agonising to death-defying (I’m talking about El Capitan’s sheer rock face), this is one of the most scenic locales to get your kicks. Such is the variety of activities available in the park, it’s essential to know your personal limits and not bite of more than you can chew - especially given the searing Californian heat.

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Dean's Blue Hole Dean's Blue Hole

Don’t be fooled by its idyllic sounding title; Dean’s Blue Hole is a dark and disorienting sinkhole located in the paradise surroundings of the Bahamas. Situated just off Long Island, the hole is the deepest of its kind on Earth, plunging to depths of 663 feet. As such, free divers from around the world have earmarked it as the ultimate test of their abilities, and frequently delve into the darkness armed with nothing more than a fin. Certainly not one for the fainthearted, but if you’re up to the challenge William Trubridge’s 2010 world record of 302 feet is crying out to be bested.

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Pamplona Bull Run Pamplona Bull Run

Okay, it’s not big and it’s not clever. In fact, it is in all honestly a fairly sophomoric pursuit. Say what you like about it though, the Running of the Bulls has established itself as an iconic event not just in Spain, but on a global scale. Thousands of people pack the narrow streets of Pamplona in July each year, palpably tense at the impending release of half a dozen angry bulls, each destined to chase them all the way to the bullring at the end of the run. All in all, the madness only lasts for around four minutes; but the indescribable rush of having the hulking animals hot on your tail will live with you forever.

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Beach Holiday Villas in Spain

Stylish garden apartment with sea and mountain views, 5 minutes walk from beach

Stylish apartment with its own garden and sun terrace, a few seconds' easy walk to the pool. Comfortable bedrooms and living room all have air-conditioning. Stunning views from the garden of the sea and the mountains behind Soller. The living room...

Villa 6-12 Beds - Swiming Pool- Panoramic Sea View

Luxury villa located in one of the most renowned areas in Spain, with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, facing south-west,swimming pool, living area 315m2, 2 large en-suite bedrooms, 3 double bedrooms, one children's bedroom, capacity 6 to 1...

Exclusive holiday apartments with a view over the sea, the habour and salt lakes

Enjoy your holiday in one of the nicest, quietest and best-kept complexes of Southern Spain. Find relaxation between gardens with palm trees and the refreshing swimming pool. A warm climate and fresh, aromatic air are waiting for you at the southe...

Malaga: Apartment/ flat - Estepona Marbella Luxury Apartment 5 swimming pools

Imagen de Paula Pascual León 100 mts. apartment in "Urbanización El Presidente" with 31 mts terrace facing a garden and a swimming pool. Has a total of 5 swimming pools, one of them is heated troughout the year. The apartment has two bedrooms; the...

Enjoy this nice villa in Ibiza near the beach

Large and comfortable villa located in ¨Sa Caleta¨ in Ibiza, this property can hold up to 15 PEOPLE. The nearest beach is 'Es Codolar' beach(1km from the property) but there are other beachies near the property like 'Sa Caleta' beach(2kms far fr...
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