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Why choose Turkey this summer?

Laura Ginn

Laura Ginn
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IstanbulStretching from the Middle East all the way to Europe, Turkey is a wonderful short break destination. This country is full of cultural and natural marvels that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Whilst this might not be the first country that comes to mind when considering a short break, it certainly should be on your list of possible places to visit. If nothing else, take a few moments to reflect on visiting a country that has some of the most ancient history in the world, and a blend of cultures that are like no other.

Accommodation in Turkey is very easy to find - in most of the places you'll want to visit. You can also take day trips to other areas close to the city or town you're staying in, so this makes sightseeing a breeze. Home to the Ottoman Empire, with relics dating back to the height of its reign, Turkey offers rich historical value for people from all over the world. Whether you're travelling in from the United Kingdom, or anywhere else for that matter, Turkey is sure to be a pleasing summer holiday spot.



Some of the best places to visit in Turkey


Marmaris Summer Holidays in Marmaris

Nestled in a gorgeous gulf right where the Mediterranean and Aegean meet, Marmaris is a tranquil getaway for holidaymakers. It is encircled by a stunning pine forest, and has a history that goes back as far as 3400 BC. Marmaris has been controlled by many civilisations, and just one look at its diverse and ancient architecture will clue you in quickly. For the most part, Marmaris is a great place to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach. If you're looking to take in a bit of the culture whilst having a beach holiday, this is a good destination.

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Bodrum Summer Holidays in  Bodrum

Bodrum is located on what many fondly call the Turquoise Coast, just to the southern portion of the Bodrum Peninsula. Here you can enjoy day trips to many of the smaller villages, the mountains, or even to see the ship works yacht building at Içmeler. One thing is for sure; no matter where you are you will hardly be able to help seeing the medieval Castle of St. Peter as it completely dominates the waterfront. Whilst visiting Bodrum you should defiantly plan to see the castle up close and personal.

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Oludeniz Summer Holidays in  Oludeniz

Oludeniz is considered one of the best beach destinations in Turkey. In addition, it has gained fame as being of one of the most commonly photographed beaches in the Mediterranean. If you enjoy parasailing, this is a great place for you to visit, as it is one of the world’s most famous places for that sport. The most remarkable thing about Oludeniz is that it is situated at the base of the Taurus Mountains, allowing holidaymakers to view all the surroundings in the ideal way. Of course, there are many other attractions and sights in the area so a guided tour is always a good idea.

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Antalya Summer Holidays in  Antalya

Antalya faces the Mediterranean with the Taurus Mountains at its back. Because there is such a great combination of history, culture, and fun, this place has been called the capital of tourism in Turkey for some time now. In addition, it is internationally recognised as one of the best beach destinations in Europe. The historical section of Antalya is a must-see, along with one of the most prominent archaeological museums worldwide. Hadriana’s Gate, a huge stone arch constructed in the 2nd century BC to honour the Roman Emperor Hadrian, is also located here.

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Kusadasi Summer Holidays in  Kusadasi

To visit modern day Kusadasi, you'd never know this place started out as a small fishing village. Over the years it has grown into one of the Aegean’s most lively places, located in the middle of some of the most spectacular scenery you have ever seen on the West Coast of Turkey. Kusadasi is swarming with tourists, and so cruise liners often choose this destination to stop during their trips around the world. What's more, with at least three hundred days of sunshine a year, you could not ask for a warmer place to spend your holiday. It is suggested you visit the ancient city of Ephesus whilst you here, as well as the Virgin Mary’s House.


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Turkey Summer Holiday Homes

Furnished Apartment for 3 Across Basin Expres Starcity Shopping Mall

The apartment is located 3km away from Ataturk International Airport and 5 minutes away from CNR Exhibition Centre. On the other hand, you can enjoy your shopping needs right there at Starcity Shopping Mall. The apartment is in a building comp...

Holiday Home Avsallar, Türkler, Alanya

Rental Apartment 15 km from Alanya (TR). With Salon, three bedrooms & two bathrooms plus terrace and own entrance. Fully equipped with all necessary facilities washing machine and outside grill. With a great sea view and full comfort residence. S...

Catamaran Sailing Turkey

In and On a Catamaran, comfortable and spacious, on which you can decide. And start a Holiday full of new experiences. Like the freedom of sailing, by feeling free to go were you want, to enjoy as you like and to be how you are! Your Holiday on ...

1 BR Apartment

The 1 bedroom, 1 living room apartment is constituted of a bedroom, living room and kichen. Airport : 45 km Coach station 8 km Sea: 200 m Oludeniz: 8 km Gocek: 20 km Fethiye center: 4 km The area is well serviced by public transport. Electr...

1 BR Apartment

The 1 bedroom, 1 living room apartment is constituted of a bedroom, living room and kichen. Airport : 45 km Coach station 8 km Sea: 200 m Oludeniz: 8 km Gocek: 20 km Fethiye center: 4 km The area is well serviced by public transport. Electr...

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