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Beautiful Italian Beaches - But which one?If you are looking for some of the best beach holidays in Europe, you cannot beat Italian flair, fervour and downright exuberance. For  indulgence and lazy days on the beach, together with nights sampling top quality locally-produced Italian food and wine, a beach holiday in Italy is the perfect choice.

Stretching out from the southern end of Europe, Italy acts as the divider between the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. This means that there is plenty of coastline and lots of resort towns to choose from. From Sicily at the foot, right up through to the sun-drenched Tuscany Shores, Italy has an amazing range of top quality beach holiday destinations. With gentle, rolling coastlines in the south giving way to more dramatic mountain scenery in the north, you can choose the ideal backdrop for your beach holiday. If you like to take in some incredible ancient history when not relaxing on the beach, you will find no better destination than Italy.


Italy's best beach destinations


Beach Holidays to Sicily Beach holidays to Sicily

Our first Italian beach destination takes us to the heel of Italy – otherwise known as the island of Sicily. The resort of Mortelle in the north east boasts a beach that is considered to be the best in the area. Used by locals from the nearby city of Messini to escape the city heat, there is a range of good sandy beaches throughout the island though. The area is ideal for people who want a quieter and less formal beach holiday.

For a far more sophisticated experience, Giardini-Naxos near Taormino is the place to go. The delightful sandy beach situated between Capo Taormina in the northwest and Capo Schisò in the south, is bordered by a range of excellent hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities. The medieval resort town of Taormino is a great place to catch a slice of authentic Italian life and study some interesting architecture, including the medieval quarter and the castle. The town also has excellent shopping and restaurant facilities.

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The Amalfi Peninsula The Amalfi Peninsula

The southern coastal area of the Amalfi Coast is one of the most idyllic beach destinations in Europe. The historic town of Amalfi itself, was the first of the four Sea Republics in Italy. If pre-dating even Venice wasn’t enough, the town has evolved into a peaceful resort with excellent beaches. Amalfi is a beautiful town with architecture influenced by the Moorish style. The 9th century cathedral is a must-visit to put on your list. Further along the coast sits Positano; built vertically on the face of the cliff.

Popular with writers and artists in the 1950s, it has since become a luxurious holiday spot. With its pastel painted buildings, abundant flowers and the scent of lemon blossom in the air, Positano stirs up those romantic feelings, making it a great destination for lovers. For sublime scenery, rocky coastline and scenic beaches, you need look no further than the Amalfi coast.

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Beach Holidays to Naples Beach holidays to Naples

A short hop north across the peninsula brings you to the Bay of Naples. Naples, the  capital city of the Campania region, is  a bustling city and the third largest in Italy. From Naples it is a short ferry ride to the beach resorts located on some of the small islands in the bay. Famed as a marriage destination due to its beautiful scenery and beaches, the island of Ischia, although volcanic and mountainous, possesses 20 miles of stunning beaches fronted by some fantastic tourist resorts.

In addition to the city of Ischia, coastal towns include Lacco Ameno, Sant'Angelo, and the town of Serrara-Fontana. Tourists are attracted to the coastal resorts seeking the health-giving properties of the hot spas. The volcanic nature of the island has resulted in many hot springs that feed these spas. Another popular island destination in the Bay of Naples is that of Procida with its many bars and restaurants perched right on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Italian Riviera The Italian Riviera

Join the glitterati, the rich and famous, and the not so rich and famous on the stunning Italian Riviera. The Maritime Alps tower over this strip of coastline that lies between The French Cote d’Azure and Tuscany; making it one of the most delightful coastal areas in Italy. The flowers, the sea and the mountains take on bright hues due to the extraordinary quality of the light. The area has always attracted writers and artists including Ernest Hemingway.

Most of the beaches are small quiet coves where you can laze the day away or swim in the crystal clear sea. The traditional idea of the stretch of sand should be put to one side as many of the beaches are stone and rock. For many people, the stunning location makes it worthwhile finding a comfortable rocky shelf rather than a patch of sand. For the traditional sandy beach you should head for Sestri Levante in the Riviera Levante or down to the Riviera Ponente.

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Beach Holidays in Rimini Beach holidays in Rimini

We could not leave Italy without mentioning the lively resort of Rimini. Said to be the largest holiday resort in Europe, bathing facilities along the 15kms of sandy beach are highly rated. The sparkling Adriatic Sea is clean and beautifully clear. The beaches are fronted by bustling bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Attracting a young crowd, the sea conditions near Rimini are fairly consistent in their brilliance for surfing.

The further you go from the central beach the more family orientated the facilities become. The centre of the town does have some historical interest with Roman ruins and a number of museums. Rimini is also a convenient base for visiting the Independent Rebublic of San Marino. If you prefer partying to peace and quiet, then Rimini is definitely the place for you.

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Beach Holiday Accommodation in Italy

Beach holidays to the fullest - well kept holiday home for 6 people on the sandy beach

Voce del Mare - voice of the sea: a beautiful name you can give a house on the Cilento coast barely. Only 30 meters from Voce del Mare from the wide, sandy beach of Marina di Ascea. Enter your 70-square-foot house (terraced) via a covered entrance...

Exclusive row seat to the sea: Stylish apartment right on the coast

Sound of the sea, two balconies, which seem to float above the sea and a picturesque view of the Calanca beach with its characteristic Saracen - all this combines the apartment Casa Vincenza and lets holiday dreams come true. The tastefully furnis...

Comfortable atmosphere in a stunning hillside location - living above the sea

In the sun-drenched village of Praiano, the apartment Casa Il Girasole is perched high above the sea. Due to the slope of the home you can enjoy a fantastic view over the sparkling, deep blue Tirreno. The entrance of the apartment can be reached b...

Apartment with stunning 180 ° panoramic view over the Gulf of Policastro

The Casa Laino is located just 400 meters from the beach in a green residential area of ​​Scario. The very well maintained apartment in the attic of the house has a fantastic 180 ° panoramic view. The view from the marine park Infreschi in the nor...

Beautiful villa close to the beach with beautiful sea view terrace

Casa Leonardo offers the best conditions for a relaxing holiday: in a cul de sac of the exclusive residential area, Laura di Paestum located, is only about 80 m of the sea and the kilometer-long sandy beach of Paestum. Two large terraces invite yo...
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