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Naples City Breaks

Naples City Breaks

Along the volcanic coast of Campania, barely hidden behind the sleeping giant of Vesuvius, lies one of the oldest cities in the world. In its rich 2,800-year history, Naples has developed from an ancient Greek cultural centre to a modern Mediterranean metropolis – while gifting the world pizza along the way! The city’s colourful past, under the aegis of various rulers and combined with its resilient rebuilding efforts following World War II, means it can amaze even the most seasoned traveller. As far as variety in architecture, cuisine and nightlife goes, the city could scarcely serve a wider spectrum. By Ronnie

Short breaks in Cork

Short breaks in Cork: Enjoy an enchanting short break on the Emerald Isle

Once a small island on the swampy banks of the River Lee, the Republic of Ireland’s second city, Cork, has since grown into a bustling metropolis. The city’s international character and status, as a thriving centre of culture and the arts, was underlined in 2005 with its being awarded the accolade of European Capital of Culture. By Helen

Short breaks in Bavaria

Short breaks in Bavaria: outdoor activities and relaxation in Germany's mountainous south

The name 'Bavaria' conjures up all sorts of connotations, even to those who have never been there. For beer lovers, the infamous Oktoberfest is probably the first thing that springs to mind. Sports fans will most likely associate it with its rich footballing heritage in the shape of Bayern Munich. By Ronnie

UK Short Breaks

Short breaks in the UK: Cheap weekend getaways in Blighty

Let's face it: ski holidays can be very expensive. But with a little travel planning, exhilarating ski holidays don't have to end up devouring your summer holiday budget as well. The key to a cheap ski holiday is finding the right destination at right time of year. By Ronnie



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