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Norway cabinOne glance at a map and many would instantly dismiss Norway as a potential summer holiday destination. It does, after all, share its latitude with the likes of Alaska and Greenland. It may therefore come as some surprise to learn that the northernmost country in Scandinavia can reach temperatures between 25°C and 30°C in the peak months, making it something of an unheralded gem amongst Brit holidaymakers. Although far from guaranteed, when the sun comes out certain points are ideal for swimming, walking or generally basking in the warm weather.

Of course, it’s not all about the weather. The best summer holidays rarely are. Even if you find yourself caught in a downpour, it’s all about making memories that will last forever, and Norway has plenty about it to guarantee just that. HomeAway is here to help you soak up everything this vast, varied and beautiful country has to offer. Have a look at our range of rental properties situated throughout Norway, each and every one designed to ensure you have the perfect base for your trip. And to get you in the mood, take a read at our quick guide to some of the best locations you might want to check out.


Top five Norway summer holiday destinations


Oslo Summer holidays in Oslo

The capital city is usually a natural choice for visitors to any country, and the Norwegians have a metropolis to be proud of in Oslo. Diversity is the key here, with a rich mixture of history, culture and architecture to take in. The Vigelandsparken Sculpture museum is a unique oddity, an open-air museum dedicated to 212 works by Gustav Vigeland. Elsewhere, you can enjoy a day of thrills and excitement at Tusenfryd Theme Park, or discover the country’s lineage at the Viking Ship museum. The latter is home to two of the world’s most perfectly preserved tall ships, dating back to the 9th century.

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North Cape Summer holidays in North Cape

Why not venture beyond the margins of the towns and cities, into the wilderness of the Arctic Circle? Well, almost. That’s where you’ll find the mesmeric North Cape, the most breathtaking natural beauty spot in all of Scandinavia. Atop the plateau you’ll feel on top of the world - and given its proximity to the North Pole, you won’t be all that far off! This is the perfect spot to experience Norwary’s famous midnight sun, the natural phenomena during which daylight is perpetual. If you’re lucky, you might even view the marvel that is the Northern Lights. Natural wonders aside, activities in the area are plentiful, with rafting, hiking and bird safaris all popular ventures. 

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Alesund Summer holidays in Alesund

Drop a pin onto a map of Norway and you’re odds-on to land on some picturesque setting. That’s simply a quality the country happens to be endowed with. It therefore speaks volumes for the pedigree of Alesund that the citizens of Norway voted it as the most beautiful town within their borders. The shipping port sits on a small peninsula on the west coast, emerging dramatically from the Fjords that engulf it. A small yet vibrant place, the Art Nouveau architecture feels like it could be lifted straight from a fairytale. Gastronomically speaking, the seafood on offer at any given restaurant is nigh on unrivalled, testament to the fishing trade at the heart of town.

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Geirangerfjord Summer holidays in Geirangerfjord

What would a trip to Norway be without experiencing the majesty of the famous Fjords? These are the glacial valleys that you see on countless brochures and websites touting the country’s highlights: almost invariably, the said photos will have been taken at the Geirangerfjord. One glance with your own eyes makes it abundantly clear why. The best way to experience the Fjord is by boat, drifting along past the Seven Sisters and Suitor waterfalls, shrouded by thoroughly spectacular green mountains and rugged rocks. The area is blissfully tranquil, and you can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy towards those fortunate enough to occupy the village of Geiranger itself.

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Trondheim Summer holidays in Trondheim

Arguably the most significant cultural base that Norway has in its armoury, Trondheim is a small but glorious gem. Aside from its storied history, it has become a focal point for students of science and technology, cementing it as a veritable hotbed for nightlife. Aside from all of this, the city is far enough north that it is almost a gateway to the Arctic, giving scope for the wonderful clear blue skies and sights that go with the territory from an urban environment. The Christian heritage of Trondheim dictates that closing time at the bars and clubs is perhaps earlier than most places; but the well developed after-party culture should see you through to the wee small hours.

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Summer Holiday Homes in Norway

Vacation home in Aseral/ Egsa, Southern Norway - 6 persons, 4 bedroom(s)

Property details Short description Number of persons: 6. Beach/water: Lake approx. 180 m. Sandy beach approx. 180 m. Bedroom/s: 4. Floor space: 90 m². Pet: Pet allowed. Next village/town: Kristiansand approx. 85 km. Mandal approx. 80 km. Town ce...

Vacation home in Nedstrand, Western Norway - 6 persons, 3 bedroom(s)

Property details Short description Number of persons: 6. Beach/water: Fjord (without crossing the street) approx. 60 m. Grassy beach approx. 100 m. Bedroom/s: 3. Boat: Motorboat. Floor space: 70 m². No pets allowed. Next village/town: Haugesund...

Vacation home in Aaseral, Southern Norway - 8 persons, 3 bedroom(s)

Property details Short description Number of persons: 6 - 8. Beach/water: Lake approx. 500 m. Bedroom/s: 3. Floor space: 120 m². No pets allowed. Next village/town: Kristiansand approx. 84 km. Mandal approx. 78 km. Town center of Kyrkjebygd app...

Vacation home in Vestresand, Northern Norway - 4 persons, 3 bedroom(s)

Property details Short description Number of persons: 4. Beach/water: Fjord (bathing possibility) approx. 150 m. Bedroom/s: 3. Boat: Rowing boat. Floor space: 80 m². No pets allowed. Next village/town: Leknes approx. 25 km. Svolvær approx. 40 k...

Vacation home in Konsmo, Southern Norway - 8 persons, 2 bedroom(s)

Property details Short description Number of persons: 6 - 8. Beach/water: Lake (without crossing the street) approx. 5 m. Bedroom/s: 2. Boat: Rowing boat. Floor space: 80 m². No pets allowed. Next village/town: Kristiansand approx. 63 km. Manda...
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