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Sailing Holiday

What could be better than having the wind in your hair, the sea breeze on your face, and the luxury of choosing where you're going for the day? Sailing holidays are growing more popular by the year, with hundreds of families and couples venturing out to the ocean blue. Whether it's the boat racing through the water, the freedom to move at leisure, or the discoveries to be made of uncharted landscapes, sailing holidays are a great idea. 

Of course, not everyone's an experienced skipper: some of us have no experience at all! But don't make the mistake of thinking sailing holidays are out of the question: whilst seasoned sailors can rent their own yachts and cruise at leisure, us novices have more options to choose from! Skippered charters can provide you with someone who knows the ropes, and you can choose to learn as you go, or simply lie back and relax. 

If you choose to rent a property on land and sail during the day, simply look for properties with a seaside location. If you wish to book yacht rentals from HomeAway and know your ideal destination, select 'yachts' as your preferred property type. Alternatively, type 'yachts' into the search bar on our home page, and browse through our world-wide list of seafaring rentals.


Top sailing holiday destinations



There are plenty of destinations in which to enjoy UK sailing holidays: sail along the west coast of Scotland or the Solent Strait, or go boating in Norfolk or London. The UK offers fantastic sailing, in the form of unparalleled views and affordable prices. Go sailing in late summer, and you could even spot minke whales, basking sharks, dolphins and seals. Ok, so you might not enjoy the blinding sunshine of Greece or Turkey, but you'll find historic castles and ruins, excellent seafood, and beautiful, rugged wildernesses.

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Greece Greece

How about sailing around the spectacular Sporades islands this year? The Grecian landscapes are both beautiful and diverse, spanning vast, wooded hills and sun-scorched rocks, with numerous bays and beaches which remain undiscovered by tourism. In the evenings, hop on land to visit an island like Alonissos, where you'll find picturesque harbours, beautiful old quarters, and excellent restaurants dotted throughout cobbled alleyways. When you fancy sailing holidays in Greece, the Sporades islands offer a truly idyllic setting.

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Caribbean Caribbean

When it comes to sailing holidays in the Caribbean, island-hopping is the name of the game! The great fun of holidaying here is that you decide where you want to go - each day can bring new sands, different people and exciting attractions, and untouched areas of outstanding natural beauty. The former British colony of Belize is a particularly great example: the Caribbean coast along here can uncover mangrove islands and isolated reefs, where you'll find the perfect setting for snorkelling. In the evenings, hop on land and let the rum cocktails flow!

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Balearic Islands Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands include Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca, Mallorca and Cabrera, and provide a fantastic setting for spectacular sailing holidays. While the islands are well known as popular land-based holiday locations, sailing here is just as great, if not better. Not only can you visit all islands whilst away, but you'll find magnificent landscapes largely untouched by tourism. From their clear waters and white, sandy beaches to their lively harbours and towns, the Balearics provide the perfect ingredients for a magical sailing holiday.

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Croatia Croatia

Croatia is a great destination for sailing holidays, particularly its beautiful Adriatic coast. Why not spend a week or two sailing from Dubrovnik to Split, visiting some of Croatia's historic villages and pristine, sandy bays along the way? There are plenty of beautiful islands to visit, and marvellous seascapes to enjoy. Of course, if you're not experienced in sailing yourself, Croatia offers great skippered yachts: simply sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life, docking at picturesque ports for a stroll along cobbled streets.

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Turkey is the perfect sailing destination: whether you want sunshine and spectacular landscapes, or archaeological and cultural attractions, you'll enjoy fantastic sailing holidays in Turkey. You could visit Kaunos along the Carian coast, arguably the best temple tomb site on earth, or sail along to the Castle of Saint Peter in the Ceramic Gulf, which now has an excellent museum of underwater archaeology. Of course, there's always time to relax too: take a dip in sparkling, turquoise bays, or go on land to enjoy delicious, Turkish cuisine.