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Horse riding holidays around the world

Laura Ginn

Laura Ginn
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Horse riding on the beachHorses are wonderful and majestic animals. If you live in a major city then there is a good chance you do not get to go riding as much as you would like to. In fact, some people have never been on a horse in their lives! This is as good a reason as any to consider taking a holiday this year that is geared toward horse riding with the entire family.

Everyone should know what it feels like to ride horses in the open air, and feel the power of these incredible creatures. Of course, some places are more suited than others when it comes to riding horses; it's usually important to choose a quiet spot. Once you've settled upon your destination of choice, start planning your break by booking private accommodation through HomeAway.


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Wyoming Horse riding holidays in Wyoming

Wyoming happens to be one of the largest of the states, but with the lowest population of people. Of course, this makes this grand state wonderful when it comes to open and mountainous areas to enjoy horse riding. Being home to the infamous Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming does not just offer riding, although most people will find themselves reluctant to get off their horses once they are off and running. There are rodeos and authentic dude ranches to see, and if you want a nice back pack trip through the countryside, Wyoming -being a nostalgic place as far as horse riding goes - offers a great expanse of wilderness. For those who would like to take a day or two to go exploring, much like the settlers who landed there hundreds of years ago, there's nowhere better.

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Turkey Horse riding holidays in Turkey

Take a trip to Turkey just to go horse riding, you ask? Well, absolutely! Not only is Turkey one of the most historic countries in the world, but there is also an ancient horse culture like no other. That is to say when it comes to horse riding; we think Turkey should win an award for the preservation of the sport. You can make this trip a cross between the educational and historical, as well as enjoy horse riding just about everywhere you go. Do not worry if you are new to horse riding either; there are many guides in this country who are happy to help those who have never set foot on a horse before.

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Argentina Horse riding holidays in Argentina

Most of us have seen old western movies with cowboys and “Indians” when we were kids. For some of us this fascination has carried into adulthood. Whilst the American cowboy may be a dying breed, in Argentina the gauchos are still quite real and seen very commonly. In fact, you may see this in Argentina more than you see bicyclists in other countries! This massive and diverse country spans from the crooked glaciers of Tierra del Fuego in the north to Iguazu Falls in the south; it's about the distance from Florida to Maine! Look into local families who are more than happy to provide horses that will be appropriate for the family, along with instruction and even guides rides. 

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Spain Horse riding holidays in Spain

The first things that come to mind when we think of Spain are bullfighting, flamenco dancers and of course the seductive accent! Oh, and we can't forget the cuisine; it's truly some of the best in Europe. But horse riding is an equally integral part of Spanish life: imagine riding along authentic volcanic landscapes, taking a reprieve on one of Spain’s many beaches, or touring through medieval towns, on horseback no less! In Mallorca, it is not unusual to see horse riders trotting along the coast and making quite a splash. If this sounds fun to you, then Spain is the spot for your horse riding holiday!

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Morocco Horse riding holidays in Morocco

Taking a horse riding holiday in Morocco is a real treat. Essaouira has some of the most amazing and picturesque coastlines in all of Morocco, and honestly, what better way to experience it than on the back of a beautiful horse? Trot across the amazing dunes, canter through the ocean and go for a gallop along the vast expanse of beach and shoreline for an exhilarating Moroccan escapade. Beginners are treated very well here as no one is put on a horse until there is a surety the rider knows how to navigate through the stages of walking, to trotting, to cantering, and of course how to control the horse. There are teams of expert horsemen who will take you on a two hour trip to a two day adventure, depending on what you fancy.

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Villas for rent in Spain

Great Villa Stunning sea views and all amenities

White House is a wonderful villa that was built in 2006, located in the upper part of the complex Zahara, near the pretty village of Zahara. Housing is Andalusian style, sleeps 6 people and offers a fantastic view over the beach of Faro Camarinal...

Rustic villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Beautiful villa with large garden, surrounded by greenery, well maintained. Ideal for families with children as it has this huge space to enjoy the outdoors by the sea. Also has wonderful mountain views, the Lighthouse Camarinal and spectacular pr...


This unique villa is located in the luxury development Atlanterra – just a few km from Zahara de los Atunes. The Villa features fantastic panoramic views over the beaches of Zahara de los Atunes towards the lighthouse of Trafalgar. The house h...

La Roca Wonderful villa with fantastic sea views

LA ROCA sits high above the miles long beaches of the village of 'Zahara de Los Atunes', boosting magnificent views overf the Atlantic Ocean and the North coast of Africa. On a clear day you can see the light of 4 lighthouses 2 of them in Africa,...
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