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Ronnie McCluskey

Ronnie McCluskey
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The view from the villaIf you’re mulling over a budget holiday, Sardinia may not be the first destination that springs to mind. Long considered a favourite bolthole of the rich and famous, this is one Mediterranean island that does not evince images of frugality. Nonetheless, you needn’t break the bank to enjoy the quintessential Sardinian experience. After all, while super yachts are aplenty, enjoying the essence of this island - its unspoiled coastlines and unpretentious ports, its rugged, macchia-scented mountains and picturesque springs - doesn’t cost a penny. By the same token, visitors can take in prehistoric temples, caves and megalithic towers without having to proffer the contents of their purse.

Of course, given the island’s popularity among the jet set, hotel resorts can be on the pricy end of the scale. For this reason, it is certainly worthwhile looking into private Sardinia accommodation. At HomeAway Holiday Rentals, we have a broad range of properties across all of the island’s main regions. From modest cliffside villas with sea views in Cagliari, to comfy cottages on the north-eastern coast of Olbia, our unique abodes promise to make your stay as comfortable and tranquil as possible. Firstly, take a look at our compilation of the five best destinations on this sun-kissed Italian island.


Top five regions of stunning Sardinia


Cagliari Cagliari

It makes sense to start with Cagliari, the Sardinian capital. This modest province captures the sense of pleasant quietude one expects when visiting a Mediterranean island. Churches, cathedrals and townhouses impart a historical atmosphere, while there is no shortage of restaurants, cafes and bars to gain refreshment after an afternoon spent basking in the sun. Blessed with an eight-mile long coastline, Cagliari’s bays and beaches will leave you spoiled for choice. Whether prone on a beach towel or partaking in snorkelling, you’re sure to be dazzled by the clean turquoise water and white sandy beaches. Of an evening, join the locals on their traditional nightly stroll - or passeggiata - past the Roman amphitheatre and through a warren of charming old streets.

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Olbia-Tiempo Olbia-Tiempo

Ah, what to say about Olbia-Tiempo? Words can’t do justice to the ritzy boutiques and bars of swanky Porto Cervo, to the wondrous Emerald Coast, scalloped with inlets and coves. But this is a region one can explore without splashing the cash. Swim or scuba-dive in the translucent blue waters of Spaggia del Principe, discovered by Aga Khan, or pick your way through relics from the Nuragic period at Arzachena. You can also check out the famous Roman thermal baths at Olbia, and the lively festivals and fiestas of Budoni needn’t drain your wallet either. 

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Nuoro Nuoro

Many visitors to Sardinia can’t get to Costa Smeralda quick enough, which is a shame: the city of Nuoro, in the heart of the island, should not be overlooked. This diversified territory encompasses mountains, valleys and an impressive portion of the coast, and there’s plenty to see and do, whether your inclination is to relax or seek adventure. Trek through mountain trails to the Nuragic village of Tiscali, or visit the nature oasis of Monte Ortobene, the site of a traditional carnival parade every August. For those interested in culture, a jaunt to the Museum of Life and Popular Traditions, which showcases remnants of Sardinia’s past, is a great way to while away an afternoon.

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Sassari Sassari

Sardinia’s second biggest city, Sassari, is a busy place. Visitors to the region as a whole, however, can expect more than traffic-choked streets and a preponderance of bars and shops. Visit the centre for nightlife, but escape the nexus and venture outside to find diverse terrains and stunning attractions, among them Lago di Baratz, Sardinia’s only natural lake. Asinara Island, with its eponymous natural park, makes a perfect daytrip destination. In Sassari, expect to find white-washed buildings and Romanesque churches, while the nearby fishing town of Alghero is dotted with a succession of world-class beaches and headlands. Prepare to be impressed.

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Carbonia-Iglesias Carbonia-Iglesias

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, and when the mood strikes, a region like Carbonia-Iglesias delivers the tranquillity you crave. Located on the southwest of island, much of the landscape here is untouched, and one can explore the hinterland on foot, on bicycle or even on horseback. Explore the historic sub-region of Sulcis Iglesiente, with its mineral parks and pinewood forests, or stroll along the coast’s varied white beaches, several of which are backed by rugged cliffs. Foodies will be similarly impressed by the region’s cuisine, with typical dishes centred on fresh local fish such as tuna and bottarga. 

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Sardinia Budget Accommodation

Apartment of 40 mq euros 17.50 to euros 30.00 per day per person WIFI INCLUDED

The house is at the entrance of Muravera, when arriving from the North (provincial road SS 125). A wooded park is touching the left side of the house (when viewed from the front). Behind the house, there is a row of eucalyptus trees protecting the...

The Residence on the gently sloping, sandy beach Is Perdigoni, WIFI / WLAN

2-room apartment for max. 5 persons approx 40 square meters; Living room with sofa bed and bunk bed, kitchenette, dining area. Double room, shower / WC / bidet. Terrace or balcony. The attractive residence is located within the 4-star Holiday Vill...

Alghero holiday apartment: Historic Centre

This 2nd floor apartment is situated in the heart of Alghero's historic Old Town with all amenities, bars, restaurants, the market, shopping, the theatre, etc very close by. The famous Bastioni sea wall is less than 100m away and the harbour, mari...

Sardinia: house with multiple units within walking distance of beautiful beaches

Proposal for new apartments furnished with every comfort, some have air conditioning. The structure is 800 meters from the beach and 300 meters from restaurants and supermarkets. All apartments have a patio or terrace with a wonderful sea view. I ...

Alghero Attractive Location: farm cottages close to the best beaches with Wi-Fi

A delightful place to spend your holiday in our self-catering farm-cottages, boasting an ideal location between the beach and the countryside. Set in an archeological unique location to the north of Alghero surrounded by flowering shrubs and winey...

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